Thursday, July 26, 2018

Movie Review - Me Before You -

Last night I watched Me Before You, 2016 British-American romantic drama film, and I was crying. It is an interesting movie, controversial on many levels and it touches the heart of our existence. The story of the movie is about the life, meaning of life and our attitudes to it...

Me Before You film, based on JoJo Moyes’s novel, is a love story involving two people who have almost nothing in common: Louisa (Lou) Clark is a working-class girl living a simple life in a tiny village in England. Will Traynor is upper class and now wheelchair bound after an accident ended his life as he knew it – big city, extreme sports, beautiful women, and world travel.

After Lou loses her job as a waitress she accepts a position as Will’s caregiver. Lou discovers that Will has planned to end his life in 6 months and she makes it her mission to show him that life is still worth living. Let keep the ending as a surprise, if you want to watch it, but let me say that this is one of the most romantic movies I’ve ever watch.

There are lot of controversy about the meaning of the movie (and the book) especially about the message it is sending to the viewers. Many of the protests have focused on the last 15 minutes of the film, and what is the value of life all about.

The first half of the movie follows the traditional story of romantic comedies. But, then comes the second part where Lou discovers that Will decided to die by assisted suicide in 6 months. Will decided that because he can no longer experience any pleasure of being alive except constant pain and sickness.

Lue tries to make his life better but even his romantic relationship with her was not enough to overcome Will's sense of loss of life he had previously experienced. At one point when Lou seems to offer him a happy future he says ‘this could be a good life, but it is not my life.’ Will cannot see any purpose or meaning in living, despite the new and liberating knowledge and relationship that Lou offers him.

Then the final part of the movie, with its controversial ending (which I will not describe) understandably upset many who believe that the fulfilled lives are possible for all people. In the final scene Lou reads a letter left to her by Will. He tells her to live boldly, to push herself and not to settle for a limited life.

I suppose the message of the movie is as you look at it. If you approach this movie with a positive attitude you should see the last scene as a happy and encouraging. But if you pretend, if you put the mask of nihilism then what will you see? You only will read the message that your world is a confused and contradictory place without any meaning.

The critics and general public did not accept this movie so well, which is understandable. People take that the meaning of life involves some kind of joke, if you asked them, they respond with nervous laugh and an attempt to change the subject. To some, this question of the value of life is threatening, too unnerving to dare to say anything sincere or serious and so laughter seems the only safe response.

We simply do not know what is the meaning of all this. We don't know why we are here and what is our purpose. We have various theories but all of them are just hearsay.

Nature seems to be a purposeless and meaningless machine. Did we pay for our new mental freedom by sacrificing the meaning of our existence? 

Partially knowledgeable man stands alone, uprooted in an icy universe, lost in the chain of generations which arose from nothing, and become nothing. What is the purpose of it all? 

Is this the desired purpose of understanding, the last great answer to all questions asked of nature? 

Man has “experimented” himself out of a Godly order, away from an inner feeling of security. . . . He has made a taboo of the question of the meaning of human life — its portal has been nailed shut with planks. 

He no more dares to touch it, because he fears to find the dismal answer that our life has no meaning at all.

- Carsten Bresch

No matter how much we understand about life or don’t, we still have to do the living.

Want more of life! Try to catch it with your hands, swallow it raw; make it a part of you! Be there when it happens! OK then, don't be numb, create opportunities, feel the air on your skin, wake up and run after it, without apologizing.... live boldly.

The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. There is nothing here to be achieved, so do yourself a favor, stop worrying. I’m not saying run, there is nowhere to run, I’m saying, things will take care of themselves, so intend the best and spin your world again and again...

It’s painful to say, but this is a real message of this movie.

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