Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Legalization of Marijuana

Here in Canada cannabis or better known marijuana, weed, grass becomes legal today, and it's kind of a big deal. Many people are going to celebrate wildly.

I am not sure how this actually happened, I mean from crime to health and then to business, Canada’s government decision to legalize marijuana is a big, unknown and I would say unnecessary experiment.

Let me state clearly, I am against the legalization of marijuana. 

I am not taking the weed in any form. I tried it couple of times and I did not like it. It made me drowsy and sleepy or agitated and hipper active. In both cases I was unable to function normally and each time I smoked weed I was on the verge of being sick.

I do agree that in some cases of insomnia marijuana is good and it helps patients to sleep better. And that's all. I would keep it as a medical drug but I disagree to be released to general public.

I read article from Israeli scientist Raphael Mechoulam, often called the “grandfather” of cannabis research... "About 10% of the users may be addicted – less than alcohol or tobacco,” he said. “Some users, who are already prone to schizophrenia, may get the disease earlier.” He said he is also keeping an eye on whether heavy use by young people may affect their central nervous system.

10% is not realistic, I think 30% will became addicted in the first year of daily usage and of course it will affect their nervous system. The addiction will became stronger, the sensitivity to marijuana will be less and less and nervous system will ask for more and more. I am afraid that most of marijuana addicted users will finish on harder drugs.

The greed for green bucks leads to this legalization and it is further weakening of already weak family values. It is big corporations, not small independent producers, who will reap the benefits of cannabis legalization in Canada.

And I would not call it "legalization" the better word is monopolization because they’re just making it legal for them to sell it and making it extra illegal for everyone else. This bill C-45 is being made by greedy politicians who haven’t smoked weed.

I said before, the single and the greatest danger of humanity is actually degeneration of human consciousness. It is doing one thing all over again, being carefully monitored and brainwashed by the micromanagement...

Legalization of weed is not a good thing for humanity. It is just a carrot that many will go after without seeing the impeding stick. The daily smoking of weed will lower IQ, harms cognitive functions, makes you robot like creature under constant stress of achieving more, producing more... and all that will lead to greater depression and apathy.

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