Friday, April 5, 2019

I am 54, a single, straight man

Single is not a status. It is a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others.

After almost three years, my relationship with girlfriend has come to the end. We broke up. And it is a good thing. Let her move on towards a new, better life. No need to lie about me anymore.

So many people are sad and feel lonely in the moment of break up because they don't have somebody close to them. Last night I was with my best buddies. I celebrated 28 years of knowing my ex-wife. I paid for a pitcher of very strong IPA beer. We stayed in Brydens until 1 am. I woke up this morning feeling tipsy.

Usual thinking for people in relationship is that once they finally have someone, they will be happy - and they will have no troubles. Well that is not quite true. From my standpoint, every woman that I dated brought her own shit into relationship. I was forced to listen endless stories about her family, kids and her ex, what she cooked today and what she is going to cook tomorrow.

The worst part of my relationship is a question after work, How was your day?. I hate that question  because I know that whatever I answer the long monologue about her day will start.

What I see in real life is that people are miserable. They're not happy. In fact, it's like they are in prison. Many of them are emotionally trapped between their opposite desires.

They'd give anything to be in my position today.

Yes, I’m 54, a single, straight man!

I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. No questions asked. No guilt about doing it either. I don't have to make excuses. I don't have to call anyone to check in on her or ask her for permission to go somewhere or do something.

I can have a real fun. I can fool around with as many women as I want. Or I can be alone and save money. No more paying for going out, buying dinners and booze.

I can spend time with my friends. A lot of people in relationships don't have time to spend with their friends anymore.

I can really focus on my fitness, yoga, going to sleep early or late, or whatever goals I may have.

I am simply free. I don't have anything holding me down or back. And I don't have to listen to any problems she brings in.

If you're not dating anyone, enjoy the time that you are single. Before long you'll be again in a relationship and in rare cases you may make disastrous mistake and settle down. Don't do that. Enjoy your time while you can. Don't depend on someone else for your happiness. You and only you are ultimately responsible for that.

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