Monday, April 29, 2019

Looking back you can say that he was in position of power... WHO GAVE HIM THAT POWER?

In this book, on 366 pages, Guruji Pattabhi Jois is seen as a disgusting sexual predator, a narcissist, a yoga charlatan... But to be quite honest, he did not deserve this kind of legacy.

I will not read this book. It is quite enough that I read these reviews. This book is just a money grab, an undignified, hurtful writing.

Today's modern yogis possess immense knowledge and full capacity for thought. They competently handle all the complexities of life - family, health, finance, career, household - day in and day out, year after year. They are intelligent, mature, clever, kind, honest, and fairly representative. And yet, whenever we turn to spirituality, the most basic and essential facts about awakening, all we get from them is dubious stares and incoherent skepticism.

Western yogis influenced by Yoga Journal, are all in this lululemon trance. They are all in the quest of healing wounds by loving "practice". They hope for transcendental bliss, cosmic consciousness, kundalini awakening, supreme love...

Whoever wrote this book, believe, in the broadest sense, that something is wrong with ashtanga yoga and his investigation can make it right. What that something is, what's wrong with it, and how it can be fixed he knows it all. However, the truth is that this wrongness is entirely imagined. It is his ego. It is the core of his delusion.

This book is doing nothing more than harm to ashtanga yoga. This person has never been part of nor involved with the Ashtanga community in any way and he has no rights to write about ashtanga lineage.

I really don't care about this book, and about Yoga Alliance. I want to tell you that in terms of awakening it doesn't matter much if one practice yoga or not, meditates or not, whether one eats meat or not, or whether one gives to charities or steals from them.

Challenge your opinions; your most cherished and deeply held beliefs because no belief is true. Understand your ego structure, your false self.

If you want to explore life and freedom you must harden your heart and sharpen your mind. Face the facts not hearsay. Face your own mortality, your own meaninglessness and insignificance. Investigate yourself not others.

One does not undergo the process of awakening out of love for the true but out of hatred for the false: a hatred so intense that it burns everything and spares nothing. And it is that hatred that western's yoga discourage so reaching state of awakening is impossible.

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