Monday, April 22, 2019

Why I am not writing about the world's affairs?

My friend asked me why I am not blogging about daily world's affairs. People like to read about that. Well, I am not concerned about the world and events that go on. I will try to explain by directly talking to you...

My dear friend, so long as you have the idea that you are a name with a body, you are trapped in a vicious circle of constant re-births with a different destinies. Only if you make a firm determination that the world around you is a fake and that all events happens in your mere presence and that you do nothing, you will have a courage to remain silent and peaceful and eventually go out of the merry-go-around circle.

The supreme goal of life is to remove attachments to everything that you so honestly cherish to be true. Really, there is no bondage except the belief that the world is true and therefore you are also true. In this world your mind haunts you, your belief that things around you are true is your ego and it is a source of all thoughts.

Constant thinking creates a center of observation which you call "I" and this feeling of "I" is the obstacle for your seeing simple truth.

The one of the biggest secrets in this world is the fact that what will happen will happen anyway regardless of your efforts. Your only task in this life is to pay attention to your real nature.

Be aware of present moment.

Try it for some time. The first thing you will notice is that actions around you continue as before. Actions brings worries or happiness and they are according to your point of view. Get rid of idea that you are an individual and all will be good.

Strengthen your mind in silence so the peace of presence can continue during a day. Strong mind is the mind without thoughts. Being silent is your birth right but know that everything and everyone will try to disturb your peace. Why? Because you believe things and people are true.

The world does not come to tell you "here I am, the world". You believe in things so you create the world. In your previous birth you had some aspirations and tendencies (because you believed them to be true) so in this life you want to experience that.

Events will unroll in front of your eyes regardless of what you do. So don't worry about it. Keep your attention on the presence. All births-deaths-rebirths are just imagination but they cause pain, suffering as well brief and passing pleasures, and this will continue until they are considered as true.

For a change, consider this...

Your dream world is very real while you are dreaming. The dream as a dream does not permit you to doubt its reality. While you're dreaming, the dream world is perfectly integrated whole. That is to say, if you feel thirsty in a dream, the illusory drinking of illusory water will quench your illusory thirst.

Also, the same thing in this "waking" world. As long as you take it to be real, you are unable to doubt the reality of your wakeful existence/experience.

But if you stop involvement in the world affairs and withdraw your mind completely from the world's event and people, and turn you mind towards sense of presence, the sense of existence, "I AM" sense, (if you turn "within" yourself), and be there for some time, you will find that the world is just unreal as your dreaming world when you awake.

This is a simple fact that you will forget immediately you stop reading this.

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