Yoga practice, gym and running so I'll be ready for March's vacation

I don’t have the answers, about yoga, divorce, dating, losing belly or why are women over 45 losing interest for sex... and I get irritated when I read other people putting themselves out there as self-help gurus, therapists, or doctors.

However, I have learned one thing, daily practice of Ashtanga yoga is what counts. I have started practicing yoga in May 2006. At present I am not going to yoga studios I maintain home practice only.

Today is January 5th, Sunday, I am about to start my 3rd yoga practice in 2020. I was in Reservoir Lounge yesterday with my girlfriend and we have a blast. We danced all night. Somewhere around 1 am we went to nearby Pravda Club and we met my friends there. We stayed until 2:30 am. When we arrived at my place it was well passed 3 am.

My girlfriend jut left home, I cleaned up the apartment and now I am ready for the yoga.

I am 55 years old, male, former basketball player... I cannot sit in a lotus pose, my body is not flexible. Couple years ago, I have torn MCL on the left knee, the right knee is not any better... but regardless of age, flexibility, and injuries, I practice half primary ashtanga yoga almost every day...

I have a goal to do full primary by the end of March. The full primary series is a hard practice, it has a lot of forward bends and chaturangas which makes the practice very tiring. Back in 2006 I used to do two full primary series a day. Today I can only dream about it. That what aging do to us.

I have learned the Ashtanga poses by heart and I practice it by myself in my own tempo and without instructions from a teacher. I do that at home, my attention is turned out inwards, in the sense of I AM, hence there is a meditative aspect of my daily practice.

The goal of my practice is to do all poses of Primary Series, but I doubt that will ever happen. Anyway, daily practice is a very good exercise in self-awareness. Where am I today? How far can I go? At what point is my muscles giving up and why?

I want to look good and to have healthy, flexible body. I am full of plans, my girlfriend is free to travel, she has grownup kids and I am planning, if things go well, to go for a vacation,  somewhere south, at the beginning of March.

I want to prepare my body for a vacation, and there is nothing better than combination of ashtanga yoga, gym exercises and running. Yes, you hear me well, I am starting to run every day, I will start with 3 km and try to increase it every week.

The daily result of Ashtanga yoga is realizing what I can do. Ashtanga helps me find where my strength is and what my weaknesses are. In this practice, I learn about myself and my lazy ego.

I stay away from teachers who push me to things I am not ready for. And I stay away from this lazy ego that tells me I should not go on the mat. I practice what I can and that is enough... The most important thing is to show up on the mat every day and go through the poses... for 45 minutes.

Dear friends, enjoy Sunday with a song from Reservoir Lounge, from last night...