I masturbated every day for 7 days and this is what happened

Ladies, Gentlemen and Transgender People,

I  have to disappoint you. This isn't a sexual explicit post about masturbation. Although I don't have nothing against describing it, maybe some pictures as well. I know you like to read my blog. 😉

What I want to point out is ridiculousness of articles of this type "I did something for some period of time and this is what happened". I don't like those articles and here I am writing the one.

I wonder how much unlikes of my blog will happen after this post. Enjoy your reading...

My masturbation story

I didn't write about masturbation before, and it is the main thing is that everybody does it but never admit it.

The masturbation affects everyone differently. If you’re tired  in the morning or all day you are under stress,  if you lack energy, you may be masking underlying need for masturbation. If you struggle with insomnia or anxiety, masturbation may help.

In the past, I realized sexual self-gratification was serving me well. It was an artificial energy boost that I needed for my daily fatigue and anxiety. Which brings me to present day. I’m currently living on my own and I do have a girlfriend but regardless I do masturbate in great abundance.

I masturbated for 7 days and this is what really happened...

DAY 1: tired from socializing and previous night hungover I was home alone and masturbation sounds like a great idea! I sit on the computer and I watched some porn. I’m definitely fully awake.

DAY 2: it’s there, and everyone else is doing it, and gosh it feels good. I masturbated for about half an hour on vintage porn. I had great run looking two bushy girls! It also really enhanced my yoga practice. Wheeeee!!!! I was bendy and sweaty. In yoga, I mean in yoga.

DAY 3: sure, why not? I have lots to do. I touch myself for the same undisclosed amount of time but somehow I got considerably less euphoria than the previous days. What's happened? I started craving for new porn videos, maybe Random Pickup.

DAY 4: I wanted to go on another run, so I fuel up for 20 minutes or so. It didn't feel good as first day, but whatever. Persistence. This masturbation made me hungry.

DAY 5: OK, is this a tolerance thing? Maybe it’s not feeling as good as the fuck but what a hell, early morning 7 am session... my stomach starts eating itself around 11 am. I am starving. But I just ate breakfast like 2 hours ago. I ate a huge lunch and crash hard in the afternoon, then got really bad sugar cravings. Angry. I want a chocolate.

DAY 6: just a routine at this point. It’s there, why not do it. I guess this is what we’re doing right now.

DAY 7: I didn't sleep well last night, so what the hell. Have a strong orgasm in the morning and hit jackpot. I am ready yoga practice. I'm flying... But somehow, I was feeling tired in the afternoon after lunch. I had terrible irritability, and I hated myself and everyone at work. I have to masturbate when I came home.

And that's it, dear friends. This morning, I actually wake up kind of exhausted. So what the heck is going on? OMG, I've picked up a masturbation habit the past 7 days, and now I feel like crap. It is a time to call my girlfriend.

The masturbation was always agreed with me, but I never really noticed that until I started doing it regularly.

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