The creation theory ...

A true story from my early childhood. The story goes like this:

My mother, a hard-core communist, she was a party secretary for a long time.
My father, a christian, a true God believer. He was going to church regularly.
Me, a five years old, curios kid.

Me: Mother who creates us?

Mother: Oh son, it is a long story. We are created by evolution, first the tiny microbes appeared in the water and then from them, hundred of thousand years later, man evolved.

Me: Father, mother says that we are created from tiny microbes?

Father: Omg, that's not true. Son, God has created us. Ask your mother who created microbes.

Me: Mother, father says that God has created us, He asked you who created tiny microbes.

Mother: (very upset) I know he will say that. Yes, God pissed in water and microbes are created??? Son, I told you everything is created by evolution. From amebas to the elephant. Ask your father who has created God.

Me: Father, mom says that we are created by evolution not by God. Who created God?

Father: (obviously very angry) What evolution? Who created God, what a question? Karl Marx created God??? Stupid thing to ask!!! Of course that God has created everything and there is nothing here except God.

And for me, as a very smart kid, that was enough.

Since then, I know the complete creation theory: Karl Marx created God, God pissed in water, amebas appeared and then everything evolved.... Only I did not quite understood who was Karl Marx.

Now I know.