Monday, January 29, 2018

The Soca Boys... Follow the Leader or Get Out of The List!!!

I love soca... repeat after me.... I love soca...
 read this post while listening the song of the day...

Ashtanga yoga teachers from all around world are coming to Mysore to do their practice for the large sum of money... They are learning that you jump when you are ready to jump.

There are few little yoga men in Mysore. The majority are yoga studio/shala owners and of course a lot of former dancers with 200 hours of teachers training program. They were there to be seen.

It makes me sad to read and hear all bullshit about ashtanga teachers and their saintness or whatnot. I may have deep respect to their yoga abilities but nothing other than that.

The roof, the roof is on fire.. we don't need no water!

Recently Sharath has done a bit of house keeping of the teacher list and those who currently do not meet the criteria have been removed.

The majority of teachers removed from the list already state on their website something to the effect "authorized/certified to teach by Pattabhi Jois" so will be relatively unaffected by the removal from the current list.

Here is the list of senior Ashtanga Yoga teachers that had studied with Pattabhi Jois and are removed from the Sharath list of certified teachers. Just for North America...

Dominic Corigliano
Mark Darby
Joanne Darby
Manju Jois
Tim Miller
Annie Pace
Richard Freeman
Chuck Miller
Melanie Fawer
Mary Jo Mulligan
Guy Donahaye
John Campbell
Olaf Kalfas
David Garrigues

On four, you're going to jump and wave...

My limited understanding of ashtanga certification program is that in order to remain on the official authorized/certified teacher list you should:

1. Study regularly at the KPJAYI and pay the required fees.
2. Teach the method as it is taught at the KPJAYI and maintain a yoga shala to allow for daily, preferably morning, Mysore-style practice and should honor Saturdays and the full/new moon days as rest days.
3. Not offer "Ashtanga Teacher training".
4. Jump and Wave.

There you go...

Follow the leader, leader... follow the leader.. leader!

I was thinking to go to Mysore. And then what... When I'm ready for Maryachasana C the Sharath will appear. Good morning, Zee; - It has been brought to my attention that you have reached the point where you can do Mary C and I'm here to allow you to do it... Ha! It is so nice, isn't it?

Really guys, I have realized that it is important not to give my authority over any so called Guru.

I admit, I have never been truly open to the guidance of a teacher. I'm simply not born to be led. You see, no one can tell me what my physical body can do... in yoga there is no shortcuts, I tried it and I broke MLC on left knee and had all kinds of other injuries... it does not work that way.

Ashtanga yoga is hilarious. In fact, it is the best joke most of us will never quite get. It’s the funniest thing I have encountered, and I really believe there is something out there watching over our practice... yes, it is a government. 😜

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