Wednesday, May 22, 2019

You stop there

Ashtanga yoga is fading away. The time is coming when the practice in it's current form, will disappear. Do you see what's going on around you, what is happening and why?

Well, I must tell you... The ashtanga project was a bad idea from the beginning, I mean, what's the point having a practice that is so hated by its practitioners. It should be no surprise that this form of yoga with it's brief flame, will be soon placed in a museum, just next to dinosaurs.

We, as a social animals, are shaped by the norms and values we have absorbed from people and environment around us. We are shaped by previous generations and as we stand now, we're child of neoliberalism which says - the market can resolve almost all social, economic and political problems; the less the state regulates market, the better off you will be...

The neoliberilism has shaped our norms and values for the last 30 years. It made our world totally selfish with unrestricted competition, driven by our self-interest... and we surprisingly find ourselves overwhelmed by a mad infrastructure of assessments, monitoring, measuring, surveillance and audits, centrally directed and rigidly planned.

I am asking myself, would the sexual accusation against Patthabhi Jois happen if there was no #MeToo movement? And what is #MeToo anyway?

In October 2017, the hashtag #MeToo made headlines internationally, prompting women from around the world to publicly share their experiences of sexual assault or harassment.

The #MeToo Movement has been called a watershed moment in the advancement of gender equality, giving a powerful platform to women and demonstrating the extent of sexual assault and harassment across society.

In the case of Ashtanga Yoga it all goes like this... oh, you know I was abused and victimized by Patthabhi Jois. I was touched by Guruji. I saw lust in his eyes. All women say, ah yes, me too, me too. I was victimized too, I was part of the game...

It is so popular to be sexually harassed by Pathabhi Jois. People are eager to tell their tales of sexual abuse.

I will tell you a joke - one guy, a certified ashtanga teacher, said when he was in Mysore, Pathabhi Jois grabbed his cock and said, "This is for fucking"! That traumatized him for ten years! He spent thousands dollars on psychoanalysis. He suffered from "a poor baby syndrome."

The #MeToo movement, with its roots in neoliberalism, encouraging people to see themselves as poor babies, in this case, the victims of inappropriate touching. And they came to Mysore to Guruji again next year. And year after year, and they kiss his feet and bought him chocolates too.

It all comes to hearsay but wait a second, there are original accounts I cannot dismiss as hearsay:

The abuse began when, midway through the primary, Jois grabbed my genitals while swinging me back from Padmāsana (full lotus) after Kukkuṭāsana (an arm balance in lotus). The first time it happened I felt sickened and violated the whole day. He performed the “assist” daily after that, and I eventually became numb to it.

That summer I progressed through the backbending sequence in the first half of second series. Jois regularly adjusted me in each of these backbends. I can recall four ways in which he assaulted me: grabbing my genitals during the swing back from Padmāsana after Kukkuṭāsana and also in Supta Vajrāsana, lying on top of me with his groin aligned precisely with mine during the Supta Hasta Pādāṅguṣṭhāsana vinyasa set (a supine overhead split), and placing his hand on my breast to twist me deeper during Pāśāsana (noose pose).

In his most peculiar behavior, 82-year-old Jois would stand behind me throughout a group of asanas and, after each vinyasa, thrust his pelvis back and forth several times in a humping motion as he pushed my buttocks in downward-facing dog, cueing me to do the next posture. Years later, a teacher told me of a female ashtangi who had coined the term “butt-f**k-asana” for this move.

- #MeToo Story — Jubilee Cooke

Years later, a teacher told me of a female ashtangi who had coined the term “butt-f**k-asana” for this move. 

Greed is an intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth or power. This virus has fully infected ashtanga yoga community. Greed has influenced how they deal with others, the environment, spirituality, education, their practice and now their sexuality.

As they continue to be reshaped by different asanas until "you stop there" is met, this culture of restless and ruthless greed is only the legitimate guiding principle for their personal benefits. In the process, they're steadily eating away the very teacher they taught them, undermining the visions and values of ashtanga yoga.

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