New Ashtanga Yoga Paradise Studio (has replaced old KPJAYI shala)

My dear friends KPJAYI is no more!

Click on KPJAYI (K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute) link now directs to a new web site of big boss, the Paramaguru. ( As a web designer I know the power of re-direct. It is not really so complicated... The king is dead, long live the king! I like the new logo. 😍

I am not going into reasons why this re-direct happened, what is Sharath's relationship with Sharaswati now, where is the list of certified teachers, who will be there when it appears etc.

Ashtanga pilgrims will now go to the Sharath Yoga Center. It just sounds like any other wellness center isn't it? The new location is a bit different so if you are used to go to Goculam here is the map for the new ashtanga yoga center so you don't get lost.

Unofficial sources tells me big boss the Paramaguru is building a private infrared saunas inside his new center. The infrared sauna "after shavasana" will be the safest and most powerful way to remove your toxic thoughts and chronic jealousy from the body. It will support your daily ashtanga yoga practice and it will work as a natural detoxification process, increasing circulation, promoting rapid healing and increasing flexibility and mobility.

Once a week, on Thursdays, a chanting class will be held in sauna itself. This acoustic place with an increased heat will give you a unique experience of your own being.

Besides offering saunas to ashtanga yoga customers, one of my favorite change is a new outdoor pool with a place for ashtanga barbecue parties. Believe me, nothing beats experience of being a western ashtanga yoga customer in Mysore. The new pool, beach and aquarium will be finished and open for Christmas.

I am all for changes. I like to see positive, healthy lifestyle changes and they are incredibly rewarding. If you are probably feeling anxious to get started with ashtanga yoga I heartily suggest new sharath yoga center lead by big boss, the Paramaguru.

You have to go through extensive ashtanga training and to go to Mysore at least three times, to get to conclusion that you really didn't needed it. I know, you can't wait to start teaching ashtanga yoga yourself. There aren't necessarily any rules to follow when you can start teaching, but your trip to Mysore is definitely an essentials thing you absolutely must have in your yoga resume.

I recommend this new center to all  ashtanga yoga customers. Please have your own mat, primarily for sanitary purposes. In mean time I will practice at home missing the old days.

 Bon Voyage.