Thursday, December 31, 2020

New Year Message to Readers!!!

Did you ever wonder where are the places, buildings, people you dream when you're asleep? Upon opening your eyes, they are gone. But while you were dreaming they were there in front of you. But where? The science says it is all in brain? In your tiny small head?

2021 is here, it’s a new year, friends! A new beginning. Life is nothing but a long dream. It is never to late to dream a new dream. If you are awake you can change your life. In 2021 I wish you to be awake and change your dream.

You have been pulled into this dream by your own wish and since the moment of your birth you are heading towards death. Whether you may like it, dislike it, believe it, disbelieve it, you may be atheist, theist, following this religion, that religion, you may claim you are an incarnation, whatever you may, you are not spared, your dream has the end.

On the end of your dream, in the moment of your death, whatever desires are left unfulfilled, whatever things you don't understand, whatever deep urge you have left to experience... will collect itself into something called causal body, the pure energy, or you may call it soul. The end of your dream is the beginning of another dream, and you will be reborn at that exact moment.

You, but not really you, will live again... and again... and again... 

What you are thinking of as "awake" - some intense new passion for a worthy cause or a deep feeling of love for all existence, is actually the deep sleep, much deeper than a feeling of boredom or indifference. It is an intense association with the Illusion. The bored and the indifferent are on the verge of leaving the lure of the temptress Maya behind, no longer swayed by her shiny attractions. They are on the verge of waking.

If you're fortunate, in that process you will learn to have less and less desires so that your wishes will come to the end so you may be what you really are... What you really are I cannot explain except with negation of what you are - not this and not that. To become aware of what you really are in not a knowledge but being. The process to become aware of your being is called Self-Realization.

This is the main purpose of LIFE. The Universe and the world are just playground for all beings to become what they really are.

So here you are, I told your the purpose of life. Don't be too harsh on yourself, there are deep urges and desires you have set to experience in this life so it does not really matter if you're perfect or not. Let it go, forgive yourself, forgive others... move on.

It does not matter where do you live, all over the world there is this feeling that something is deeply wrong with your life. In this very moment you're feeling it so clearly; an unnamed busyness keeps you disconnected from the present moment.

Your real self resides in the present moment, it is the end of personality, of the false self, of the ego. When you're present you are not your false personality, you are beyond thoughts and feelings, you are real.

The life's "journey" is a scam. There is no journey... There is no destination to reach, there is only collection of useless knowledge and accumulation of fresh desires. You live your life with mistaken identity forced by society and the culture to strengthen the sense of "you".

There is a woman whom one man calls his "wife", another calls his "sister" and a third calls his "daughter". Actually she is nothing but a lump of flesh and bones. Whatever you give a name to comes to exist. All is conceptual and depends upon the concept of the seer. The world and the beings in it are conceptual. The "seer" who takes the world to be real is the ego, and that ego has to be eradicated. If the ego vanishes, then only Reality remains.

You, you, you... it is all about you... but the sense of "you" does not reside in any particular part of the body. "You" is not in the body, neither as tenant nor as its owner. Identification with the body is "you", it is a belief, conviction, nothing else. But at once it is accepted, it creates countless births and deaths with greed, desire, hatred, craving, self-importance...great suffering.

Let change this in 2021. Stop the unnecessary suffering. Change your dream!!! Be aware of the present moment and observe the dream you have created for yourself. It is your dream my friend, so there is no reason to be afraid. Until now you have lived your life under the sway of imagination, concepts, desires and doubts.

Take it for granted or investigate for yourself, one concept at the time, you will see that everything is false, like in any dream. Concepts as anger, jealousy, love, hate... do not have substance. It is just passing energy, charging, changing and relishing itself.

When the 'me' is gone, the concept of being a seeker, the sense of doing something and the idea of something to be attained are also gone. Paramatman is uncovered without doing anything about it. If you examine all of your thoughts, you will find there is no 'I' at all.

- Siddharameswar Maharaj

Start changing your dream by changing your point of view, of your world and of yourself. Do not consider that you're born in an existing world. The world existence, your parents and everything else came at the same moment when your previous life ended. You beingness got the energy from your causal body and created everything, including your body and your parents... and the world... and this post you're reading now.

Good luck 💖

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