Effective immediately, I'm starting to live my life according to the military regime!

After careful observation of current wordy affairs I have concluded that shit has hit the fan. New World Order, Deep State or Elite has succeeded. Our planet has became the greatest source of fear in Milky Way Galaxy. My dear friends, officially we are living in a prison planet.

Last night I spent considerate time searching the internet, looking at the general direction of Canadian society, observing, and feeling the situation. A shitty time is ahead of us. Click on these links and see for yourself...

Canadian debt will reach 1.5 trillion dollars this year.

Every Canadian in Ontario, at present time owns $45,891 because of this. And the time to pay of the debt is coming. This ultimately means higher taxes.

Coronavirus, which is nothing but well known pneumonia, will be soon declared as pandemia. That means there will be no more free travel, school will be closed and if you still have a job, you will work from home. I am fully aware that I may not go to Punta Cana vacation.

World 'on brink of coronavirus pandemic': All the latest updates.

China coronavirus hype straight out of the CDC flu playbook.

We are heading to economic collapse. Just observe banks behavior. The banks has already started restructuring, read firing employees because the messy time is coming.

Canadian Banks May Restructure Operations to Aid 2020 Earnings.

I will not write any more about our shitty society. I don't want to scare you in any way or be a part of this worldly panic. There is no reason for that. I say be fearless. Roar like a tiger. Don't be like a mouse, always running away. Your illusory 'I' has no real existence so also the world has no existence. Take it for granted.

My answer to this is quite natural. Military regime of my life starts now. Every morning at 0500 hours, I will jump out of bed and start living according to strict schedule for every single day including Saturday and Sunday:

            5:00 AM - Get Up, Waking Up (90 minutes)
            6:30 AM - Meditation (30 minutes)
            7:00 AM - Yoga Practice (60 minutes)
            8:15 AM - Breakfast (15 minutes)
            8:30 AM - Shower (15 minutes)
            8:45 AM - Go to Work
            5:30 PM - Return from work
            6:00 PM - Gym Exercise (20 minutes)
            6:30 PM - Dinner
            9:30 PM - Reading Time
            10:00 PM - Sleep

For completely other reasons, I will not go out with my girlfriend anymore. No more restaurants and parties, money saving time starts. I have spent enormous in the past month on dining out, average every weekend $300 for fine dining.

Everything in this world is illusion, it is not true. Remove the name and the shape and nothing remains. In final analysis there is no 'you', no 'I', no thought and no world.

Awakening is nothing but a complete, thorough, a clear cut understanding of this fact. After this understanding, nothing is required. There is nothing to be afraid of because everything is nothing. Illusion is nothing.

When you see the illusion as an illusion you will stop being fooled by it. This is the true 'understanding'. However people are not interested is this. They will follow what society tells them and it is going to be hard and unpleasant.