But it is not this day!!!

We're not in Kansas anymore

We have stepped outside of what is considered normal, we have entered a place or circumstance that is unfamiliar and uncomfortable, we have found ourselves in a strange situation. I am observing carefully...

People are becoming more and more selfish. They are afraid for their families, kids, their job, house, they are afraid for themselves. More they have, more they fear. People with kids are the most selfish, my God, they have to look after their children.

I say, fuck the fear!!! There is a day we will be dead but it is not this day!

This day we fight!

I am in a difficult situation, by writing a blog I would like to be honest and to the point but unfortunately, I cannot reveal all the details of my personal life. Not because of me, I really do not care what anyone of you who reads this think of me, but because of others. People care what others would think of them.

Let me tell you this... I'm a team leader at my work, I take care of couple of people regarding technical stuff. There is one particular guy who really struggles about the coding, testing and promotion. This morning I called him to come to my place on Monday to help him rewrite his recent code and to teach him the right way of programming in Angular. But he screamed at me "No, I am not coming, it's isolation!" I was stunned, I felt so stupid. But this what it is.

In the last year of my life, since I made my last will, I have changed my attitude towards life, relationship and particularly love. I'm simply not into it so much like before. I'm free to say I've stopped believing in friendship and love.

The recapitulation practice is going well

Nothing lasts and nothing remains. Not even a memory. All my relationships were just a mirage of two people chasing after water, thirsty for happiness, and they could not find it, not because of them but because the water was never there.

I think every relationship is just a passing show of two people, that were complete strangers and they got together by the circumstances and they imagine there are strong ties between them.

My experience tells me that if something ties the relationship it is sex and nothing else. You may disagree with me and say that there are other factors that tie two complete strangers but that is just your wishful thinking.

I noticed that in all my relationships I was just an actor. Sometimes I played good sometimes I was clumsy. But... it doesn't matter.

I am 55, my time to quit dating has come. The art of loving is described by everyone, books, movies, religion, poetry... you name it, but the quitting dating is not mentioned anywhere.

People will date to hide a feeling of being alone. Tell me, what makes a middle-aged, overweight and overworked man and his 40-something, chubby, depressed and exhausted wife, mother-of-three run to the Netflix to watch the Fifty Shades?

None of us will ever know how many orgasms Fifty Shades of Grey has inspired, or how much marital boredom it’s enlivened with vaginal balls and riding crops, but its impact is incalculable far beyond the bedroom. - Entertainment Weekly

I watched Fifty Shades of Grey long time ago. Well, I did not read the book so I was puzzled to watch the movie... a young attractive woman is pursued by a young attractive man. But for all his money, good looks, kinky toys and a helicopter, he's just a scared little boy who can't open up or have a healthy relationship with women... It's just a fantasy and I don't like fantasies.