Happy Valentine's Day

I thought that Valentine's Day is on Saturday but it is actually today. I hate Valentine's Day.

My dear readers, if you strip down the cheesy love cards, and if you see things not so pinky, the Valentine’s Day is really just a giant bullshit. It’s a giant, disgusting symbol of our sick society. We have been forced to believe that Love, the representation of Valentine's Day, is natural and awesome.

I’m not saying this because I’m cynic and alone. I may be bitter, I had a bad day today, but I do have a girlfriend and have feelings for her and that has nothing to do with this Day.

There’s nothing natural about Valentine’s Day. It’s a display of forced affection that makes me to vomit. And I’m here to tell you about what it really is, even if no one is ready to read it.

I don't like the pink color affection, love hearts and above all the level of bullshit importance placed on what is just a normal day of the week. This day is created and calculated by corporations and it is everything that’s wrong with men and women today.

The Valentine's Day is perfect for for these bloating men full of shitty self-importance, the men with large cars, big valets, the fake guys with their fake jobs and fake smiles.

They pick up fake women with their fake hair, fake boobs and fake personalities getting wined and dined them hoping they will get laid. And they will.

Most normal people on Valentine's Day feel like the whole world is against them, as they’re forced to try and find someone to love them. But why does that need to be the ultimate goal?

Why are we placing so much emphasis on the relationship?

People are still stuck in the outdated system of men vs women, they’re still stuck on the idea that man has to make gestures and woman must respond appropriately.

We’re still stuck on the prehistoric notion that man has to bring the food on the table and woman has to make a dinner and spread her legs.

Don’t get me wrong, love is wonderful and maybe the only thing really worth living for in this shallow world, but it’s not easy to find and shouldn’t be celebrated if not real.

Everything is phony out there and just trying to be with someone, with anyone, that’s really nothing more than a fleeting hook-up between a guy who hasn’t had sex in six months and a woman looking for some attention.

In my opinion, if love is real, you don’t need the Day to show you appreciate it. You shouldn’t need one day a year to buy your woman pinky chocolate.

If love is real, you don’t need to make a dinner reservation on the most crowded night of the year to feel intimate with your significant other.

Valentine’s Day is for people who don't know how to live and someone else has to tell them what to do, superficial and materialistic to the core people, the imitators.

Happy Valentine's Day... and fuck of.