Humanity has crossed over into an uncharted territory

I called my father today and I asked him how is he doing. He was sad and he told me he is in a quarantine.

My father lives in Serbia, he is 82. In Serbia, due to coronavirus, they have restriction for people over 65, they are banned from going outside their houses. They also have a police hour, for everyone, for going on the street between 8 pm and 5 am.

In my life I've lived under strict government rule. I remember as a kid in 80s, due to lack of gasoline in former Yugoslavia we had days when you can drive your car based on the last number of your car's license plate. So if you had the license plate with last even number you could drive the car on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, odd number gave you opportunity to drive on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Back in Serbia in 90s we had the biggest inflation in the world, in three months the inflation was 100,000 percent. Yes, you read that correctly, we had a 500,000,000,000 bill. It was a difficult times, each city was divided in groups and according to schedule the electricity was cut off. In the groceries store you could not find much, no detergents, no soap, no cooking oil, no baking stuff... and somehow, we survived.

I am not too much concerned about current situation, I know we will adapt ourselves and make a fun of it but I want to tell you that world is changed. I've never seen such a fast change like this one. The powers the government got in just a week are unprecedented. We are losing civil liberties by every passing day and we are not even in wartime.

I am working from home these days, not going out at all. I am drinking the booze left from my birthday party, browsing the internet and reading almost everything. I still cannot get back my money from Punta Cana trip. Air Canada Vacation refuses to issue the refund, they offer a future date travel credit to be used in next 24 months. They are not realizing, yet, this crises will take longer time than 24 months.

You see, the only certainty about the coronavirus pandemic is that no one knows what is happening. Not even governments. In the last decades we all wanted the "globalization" so we are now paying the prize for that. Coronavirus crises puts us backwards, it forcing each country to deal with the problem by itself. But the problem is a global. And there is a difficulty.

Humanity has crossed over into an uncharted territory. The economic crises, never seen before in the history of mankind, the end of capitalistic way of life... is coming. At present time the financial help from governments to the families and businesses is slowing down the inevitable crash.

You should know that I am just a blog writer, thinking for myself and I am so often totally wrong in my predictions. I would like to be wrong this time. I am not an expert in economy, I am just a computer programmer working on UI with Angular and Java. But I read a lot and I'm confused... something big is looming and it is behind the coronavirus.

I read a lot and I find the coronavirus to be the most versatile question of all time, the propaganda is relentless, and there’s a variety for all tastes.

Everyone is grabbing the chance to be something. In large numbers, the Hollywood starlets and sport stars are claiming they have "tested positive". It’s cool to be the positive now. Maybe that’s will bring them more fame.

Even a terrorist organization ISIS is apparently worried about coronavirus. They also have a travel advisories, read if you do not believe.

If you tendency is to fear you can find articles based on total speculation that tell you millions will die. People want even more drastic measures, like martial law and vaccines. Speaking of vaccines, the as-yet-untested coronavirus vaccine is going mandatory in Denmark, yup, read here.

If you are inclined liking conspiracy theories you can read coronavirus as bio-weapon? Plenty of juicy stuff on that topic too no need for links.

But for me, the more interesting stuff are scientists and science journals. There’s no shortage of people with PhDs talking nonsense (just like me) but with a scientific words and statistical reports to support them, in order to convince the governments are correct to invoke emergency powers and get that untested vaccine in our butt asap.

It is now 4:30 am, so what, I am not concerned. Tomorrow I will spend all day in front of computer anyway. I can sleep as much as I want these days, my daily schedule is fucked up completely. Just like yours.