My sister has been tested for coronavirus

This morning, my sister was tested on coronavirus and she is awaiting the results. She is retained in the infection clinic at Zemun Hospital. She was very weak so she got two bottles of blood infusion and she is currently wearing oxygen mask at all time.

She texted me three hours ago and she sent me a photo. I cried. I love her very much. She said, she is feeling fine now, she has no fever, the body temperature is normal. She is in the room with two girls who have tested positive on coronavirus so doctors are suspecting that my sister will be positive too. I hope they are not right.

Except my daughter I have no relatives in Canada. My sister is my twin sister and we have no other brothers or sisters. My mother told us that she was born first, at 6:00, and me second, at 6:05 am, but in the birth books they wrote that I was born first.

I grow up with my sister and we were so close but we were completely different in psychological makeup. Five minutes in birth time means a lot for the horoscope because we are really very different persons.

She is more family oriented, she likes Serbia and under no circumstances she would ever leave it. I called her to come to Canada so many times but she refused. She came just once, for a visit.

My mother died in January 2015 and my father made the Will at that time. He divided what we should get after his death. I got two houses in the city and my sister got the realty in the village, a house and a lot of land. Last year, when I was back home I gave all my holdings to her. I gave to her two houses in the city because she is taking care of my father. Right now I have nothing in Serbia and I am fine with that.

I did not work today, I sent email to my boss requesting a flex day. When I heard that my sister is in hospital and that she needed blood infusion I was so scared. She was ill for the last 10 days but they told her no need to be tested for coronavirus.

I am worry about her but I am much calmer now when I spoke with her. I wish her fast recovery. She is strong, I believe in her. I love her very much.