The benefits of self-isolation

Yesterday, I got up at 4:45 am and logged in to work around 5 am. I wanted to finish my tasks early. My boss came online around 6 am and we talked a bit. He told me that our job is in essential category so we should not expect too much layoffs.

I finished work at 2 pm, logged off, and after that I did a long yoga practice with Sharats DVD as a breath counter. After yoga practice I shaved, took a shower, ate fruits and headed to High Park for a walk.

I was outside for more than 2 hours. It was sunny and beautiful day for walking. There were a lot of people in the park but that will be no more. As of this morning High Park is closed so there will be no more walking outside.

I called my sister and she told me she does not have coronavirus just flu. However, she is in strict quarantine. My father is very much concerned about the whole situation. When I talked to him he sounded like he is losing patience. In Serbia the people over 65 are not allowed to leave the houses. They are allowed only to buy groceries on Sunday's from 3 am to 7 am. ??? That's crazy.

From the beginning of my isolation I did not watched anything online, neither movies nor series on Netflix or any other TV services. But as a time progress and more and more restrictions are introduced I am going to start watching movies on Netflix.

I have this blog to keep me occupied and I can see the number of visitors of my blog has increased due to isolation. People simply do not know what to do. I have decided not to write about political stuff, first I do not know all the facts and second, I am not really interested in the world and worldly activities, what people think and do is not my concern.

I have my goal in this life, a spiritual, beautiful, and so grand that does not leave me any room for doubts. This self-isolation goes together with my goal very well. I need a long periods of being alone, watching my mind and thoughts, and just being aware. Self-realization can happen only when mind is empty and clear like a sky.

I have ashtanga yoga practice that keeps me tired and forcing me to move. I look good, my weight is around 93 kg and in next month I am planning to go down to 90 kg. I have stopped eating junk, no more processed food, no pizzas, hamburgers and french fries and my new diet gives tangible results.

I see the self-isolation as the money saving opportunity. I was going out every weekend spending between $200 and $400. Every month I paid $1500 on my credit cards bills that are related to dining out.This entire week from last Thursday until today I spend only $150 and I bought food almost for two weeks.

Self-isolation will continue for at least 6-8 more weeks, the thing will go back to the normal somewhere in June but that "normal" will be quite different from what we used to have before. The life as we knew before is over, it is finished. We just have to wait and see.