The romance movies are based on lies

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My Dear Friends, how are you? Are you getting crazy from the lockdown, from this isolation? Well prepare yourself, it will be longer than you have expected. It is hard on everyone, especially for single people, for us who were accustomed going out.

Married people are in better position, they didn't go out anyway. Yes, there are more disagreements and laud complaints by being and facing their spouse more than usually. But hey, this is what they have chosen by being married.

Let me begin my post by telling you that I don't mean to write a depressing article and make your life more miserable than it is. Everyone is okay to have their own opinion, and this is mine.

I am not trying to force you to believe what I do, I am just having fun, killing the boredom of the isolation. Today, I am writing about romantic love between two people.

I don’t believe in romantic love

Listen, if you in love with someone, good for you. I am happy for you and your chosen one. But, I know there is not such thing and that you're just fooling around with the idea that you are in love.

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I’m a pretty open person, so here on my blog I share many details about my life, maybe too many, but I don't care. In the last 7 years since I'm divorced, I’ve done pretty much of dating. I broke the women's heart and I had my heart broken.

At present, I'm on site, somehow I'm tired of swiping left or right so I avoid Tinder and Bumble. In this 7 years I had 24 relationships with women I met on The most of those relationship were just one night stands and nothing more.

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Going backwards to my past, to those days, I really wanted to be unforgettable. I wanted to be a boyfriend, not just for one night. I wanted someone who will truly love me. I wanted to have memories of travels and passion. I wanted laughter... well I wanted love. But to be quite honest, scratch all these bullshit, the truth is, I really did not know what I wanted!

So unwilling to settle, I was searching for the "real" thing, tired of occasional sex, I wanted love. So it happened, I thought, so I had a relationship. It lasted three and a half years.

That relationship died quietly, it just faded away because a third person has come between us. There was not love at all, and I found out about it, like 3 days ago. Oh well! I am really sad and stupid guy.

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I like watching romantic comedies, you know, they get together, they have a wonderful time, then they breakup and they are going all sad about their life and then they meet again... and they live happily ever after. Yes, really I love those movies.

The fact is I'm a romantic. I use to believe in love and I was thinking I loved. I loved my ex wife the most, well, now I hate her. How pathetic is that?!

I thought I loved my exes but now I 'm realizing, I have actually loved some imaginary picture I had in my head about them. I finally see that there is no "love" at all, just imagination.

I believe in strong sexual affection. I believe in infatuation, and that you can really care about someone having extremely tender feelings towards them, but there is no such thing as being in "love".

Do not mention "soulmate". I want to puke when I hear "soulmate".

After carefully analyzing my experiences and experiences of my divorced friends and married couples in my family, I would be very naive to believe that true love is something real.

Love is a beautiful concept, but it is imagination. Cheers.