Tsiganizatsia, Tsiganizatsia ♡♪♫♥

It is Sunday March 1, an exiting time. My month has finally arrived. Functioning in a military mode, today's plan is to do yoga practice, meditation, cleaning apartment, washing clothes, walking outside, go to gym, reading spiritual literature and go to sleep at 10 pm. Yeah.

I love my life, I am eager to live even more crazier than before. My girlfriend came at Friday around 5 pm, my friends joins us later and we got so drunk, OMG too much tequila and beer, we stayed at my place and we had a wonderful time. She left yesterday around noon.

My baby came down from Romania,
She was the queen of Transylvania,
But now we live in surburbia without any friends in Bosnia.

Yesterday afternoon, I prepared dinner for my daughter and she came around 4 pm. We ate, watched Suites, couple episodes, we talked a lot. Since my divorce I have become very close with my daughter. I would like to support her as much as I can.

I love her with all my heart

Last night I went out with my friends but we did not stay for too long outside. At 12 I was at home in bed. I feel relaxed and full of energy... so March 2020.

It should be no confusion, I like this song a lot

Next Saturday is a hunter's party in Hamilton. I may go or maybe not. Anyway my girlfriend will come on Friday so we will decide what to do. On 14th is a big Birthday party at my condo's party room. We are expecting around 50 people. Puraman bought 8 cases of shrimps and I will buy 3 kg of lamb and 4 kg of pork, roasted and cut... We only need a salad and music and we are ready.

I would like to especially invite Vesna from Croatia to come to my party, I don't have your phone number. I really appreciate that you are a long time fan of my blog. Vesna you are invited, take a day off from airport work, see you on Saturday March 14😊.

422 likes of my blog this week. Wow I have never expected something like that. My dear readers, you who read this, if you feel that you are my friend, you may come to party as well. Everyone is welcomed with open arms.

I promise you, we will have a wonderful time. Lets party....

On March 25, my girlfriend and I are going to Barcelo Palace resort in Punta Cana for 10 nights. It will be crazy... I am happy, excited and high. 😉

I wish you very best March...