What matters is.... you are!

Fuck the coronavirus, fuck the end of capitalism, fuck the economic crisis and the world. All you can find in the world are lies. I want to write about what matters in life. In this post I will reveal you the real teaching.

The teaching talks about knowledge but it does not refer to the outside information but to the knowledge of "you are", your beingness, the principle which is the root cause of all your acquisitions, both spiritual and worldly.

The knowledge "you are" is our sense of presence. I said "our" because there is no "your" sense of presence just like there is no "your" air. You see, at present you identify yourself with body and mind. And that is your "sin". The knowledge "you are" is the apple in the Bible, but I will not about religion, you will be even more confused.

Your only task in this life should be based on rejecting the false identity with body and mind. Keep the knowledge "you are" separate of everything else. When you finally realize that you are neither the body nor mind you will remain unaffected by any thought.

"You are" is the love, and it expresses itself through breathing, all your activities goes on because of the breathing. There is no question of loving others. Directly knowing "you are" is love itself. That love is looking after you, it is your nourishment, your motive and energizing force.

Focus your attention there, in the love of "you are". It is your life force! The tangible feeling of presence.

This love is universal love just like the space. It is not directed to any particular person or thing. All troubles in this life comes due to identification with the body. That identification is "person" and it is just imagination. There is no such thing as a person.

It is not that you should transform yourself. You have actually done that. You have converted yourself into something other than yourself. You should recognize that and automatically you are in your original Self. Stabilize there. Keep awareness prior to mind and thoughts. That is "you are" state.

Your thoughts are based on untruth, you are changing your concepts, understanding and beliefs every single minute, so you feel happy or unhappy accordingly to the momentary concept you are holding. Only what you can perceive is untruth, the only truth in this world is "you are".

Do nothing. Just hold your attention on to your sense of being, just be aware that "you are"... be that. Do not worry about anything else. The attention is only thing you really have in this life. Use it in the right way.