Desperate times call for desperate measures

My sister is not well. The fever goes away and then comes back. She is very weak, several times a day she receives blood infusion and all the time she wears the oxygen mask. She is not texting at all and she is calling my niece once a day. We do not know much more than that. The infection clinic at Zemun Hospital does not allow visitors not even phone calls.

The test result for coronavirus is not yet done. It is now 4th day. In any case my brother in low, nephew and niece are in self-isolation. It is like a nightmare, no information at all. When I think about it, I am worrying a lot. I cannot do anything. I am helpless. So I try not to think of it.

I need haircut

It's Friday, yoohooo, Happy Friday!!! This is how supposed to be but my friends, you know very well that this Friday is just a day like any other day. No excitement at all.

Imagine. You wake up at 7 am every day. Then you drink coffee. At 8:00 you do yoga. And then, you eat three eggs and a piece of bacon for breakfast, at 9:00 you sit in front of the laptop, you login at work and you sit there for couple of hours deleting meaningless emails. You have lunch at 12:30 and then you send meaningless emails until 4:30. Then you close the laptop. Just to open it, a 15 minutes later, in order to go on Facebook, Instagram or wherever fuck you go.

Well, you do not need to imagine this, it is yours and mine daily life. It is not actually life I don't know how to call it. It is not even depression. I really don't know what it is.

They say the perspective is everything. Maybe. I am now at this period of lockdown where I'm stuck in a routine and regrets. The regrets are really things that bother me. I regret that I lost the one-night-stand woman. Omg, it would be so nice if she would come to my place, couple times a week. That would be a passion, a thirst for life.

But she has abandon me. Haha. It is sound so grandiose - "abandon me". To be quite honest I don't know why she "abandon me". Maybe the whole this situation, maybe she got scared from intimacy, maybe she needs a space (2 meters at least), or maybe I just was a bad lover. I can't explain.

She liked me, she told me that I am good looking guy, we talked a lot, fluently, naturally and respectfully, and sex was good. That morning, I came home quite happy expecting she will come in the evening but instead "I made bad judgment" message came. And that was it. Fuck me if I know what went wrong.

Healthy dinner - asparagus in butter & mushroom soup

Last night I went to bed at 11 pm and I got up at 7:30 am. Wow, I slept 8,5 hours, I was so tired. I did 3rd yoga practice in a row, a very serious and long sessions, I sweat a lot and I'm working on my strength. At my job there is a lot of work so I login in the evening and do my tasks. There is no overtime I just do it because I have no clue what else to do.

My account on expired yesterday. I did not renew it. What for? Online dating and dating in general is dead for a time being. No one reports that fact. My post about masturbation was actually a vision into future. 😋

the last message to one-night-stand woman