It will be over, after 4 weeks of 2nd week of 3 weeks period since beginning of next week

It's been 20 and more years, since the release of Quentin Tarantino's film "Pulp Fiction". I like that movie. The life's lessons of a pair of hitmen, a gangster, a gangster's wife and assorted others... My today's post will be like pulp fiction stories...

I really have nothing to write about. My serious posts about coronavirus no one reads, much less about awakening, no one gives a shit about that. So I sit here wondering what do people who cheat their spouses do in this terrible times? I mean, it is so obvious, no sex or sex with the spouse, which comes to the same. I really feel for them.

I read a joke today... when this will be over? It will be, after 4 weeks of second week of 3 weeks since beginning of next week. This is actually what they are saying on TV news.

The lockdown is miserable thing here in Canada but in my home country, Serbia, it is a hell. They have 82 hours of police hours (curfew) coming next Thursday. It is total madness over there due to crazy president who used this opportunity to grab exceptional powers.

I have started to cut my hair. It is now 8th week since the last haircut and I had to. Due to this isolation, we are going to see natural hair for lot of women. It will be a lot silver, gray and white shades. I really hate that. I cannot stand natural, a sad look of the gray hair. It is so "spiritual but not religious" but I despise it.

Yes, my friends, on Sunday I went to Danfort and met my Bumble date. OMG. She is older 5 years than her photos. She said she is 52. but it does not look like that. Don't get me wrong, I slept with a woman of 62 with a great body and sex was amazing but this one, she is fucking old. We walked around, talked about kids and isolation and we parted away. I knew that Bumble sucks but this much... bullshit.

Bullshit!!! and this reminds me about a woman who left me for a guy with a small package. She went like "size does not matter performance does" and she left straight to the performance. You see that guy excels in other areas, the intercourse is not everything, the sex encompasses so much more. I often think about her, and more I think about her, more I hate her.

A lot of hating in this post. Well, I hate lockdown, Serbian president, gray hair, the Bumble date and the 4 inches woman. I have loved only Pulp Fiction movie. No one loves me so I am even with the world.

Last night I went to sleep at 4:30 in the morning. I was working and I figured out a lot of things, finished my task. I got up early at 9 am. Did ashtanga yoga at lunch time and worked until 5. Around 6, I went for a long walk in High Park. I will do the second yoga practice today, at 9 pm and then go to sleep. I want to be tired and sleep well...