Sunday, October 11, 2020

Wet panties, nothing else

Mark Twain said the two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. This is what I'm lacking. I have no clue why I was born, I'm missing a very reason for my existence.

I woke up at 10:15 this morning. I had a wild weekend, since Friday... parties, going out, crazy stuff.  And now I am drinking a coffee and listening to 'Greatest 200 Romantic Saxophone Love Songs' on YouTube.

It is a perfect time to review my current situation. Where the fuck I am? Let start with my finances. I renewed my mortgage with a great rate, lower down the basic payment and that is only good thing. Large amount on my line of credit and credit cards still remain hidden and they are waiting to ambush me down the road. I need to put all my money towards elimination of this debt. For awhile I will stop making lump sum payment on mortgage, the shitty time is coming.

At my work, all is good. I did a great job finishing all the task for my latest project and I am free this long weekend. As my manager said I should work more on involving other members of my team rather than doing the tasks myself. I am a team leader and I should behave as such.

This month my yoga practice is not so good. I had only 3 practices and I will do the 4th one after I finish this post. I need to practice more. It is lock-down again, the bars and restaurants are closed and there will be no more going out. I see this as an opportunity to return to every day yoga and long walks in High Park.

And that's all what I can say about my life. Not much you must admit. Comparing myself to others I am pretty good position. End of 2020 and entire 2021 will be difficult if not disastrous. The humanity as a whole is in a really sad, miserable position. The coronavirus is not a cause of this sad situation, it is a consequence.

People are born sane but spoiled by contemporary education, influenced with neo-liberal values - the values of ego, hypocrisy, self-calming, empty talking, vanity and self-love. They live thinking only about themselves.

There is an enormous contradiction between people's intelligence at work and the stupidity of their beliefs. They stick to their beliefs, ideas of good and evil and social mores. They set up hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure based on such beliefs but they don't see that they have made themselves covetous, greedy and coward.

The great example of that is my narcissistic, ex girlfriend who pisses in her pants from coronavirus scare. Well, what she gets from that is just wet panties, nothing else.

My friends, I will tell you a terrible truth: you don't want to be free! You're a slave and as the slave you dream of becoming something rather than of gaining freedom. The crux of the matter on which the whole ploy of the current coronavirus affairs rests is suggestibility and complacency.

The age of mankind will end soon by required vaccination and the universal nanochip in the body and that is not a moralistic punishment for a fall of humanity. As I already said, it is a natural consequence of people's state of being.

While the humanity as a whole will not succeed in the battle for higher awareness, only few individuals will find the escape. Freedom exists. It is when there is no feeling of "I". Reaching that freedom means awakening.

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