Sunday, April 5, 2020

My sister is fighting for her life!

My niece just informed me, as of 4 am local time, my sister has been moved to intensive care facility. She is connected to artificial respiration system, she is out of consciousness, breathing artificially and fighting for her life. The official test result didn't came yet but it is not needed anymore.

I am so confused what is happening. It is so fast that her condition went from bad to worse. If you follow my blog you could see, the first time I mentioned my sister's sickness was on our birthday, March 27. Seven days later she was in hospital on oxygen and 3 days later she is now in the intensive care.

I have done thorough research of what is coronavirus and I have my opinion about it. As per my research, I did not find evidence that the virus comes from outside of human body but it is actually produced inside the body as a consequence of fear and toxins. What is produced inside the body is something called exosomes, I would call it particles that resemble virus. They are produced in order that organism can fight against illness, also they are used for an inter-cell communication and disposal of unneeded proteins, acids, and lipids.

The prolonged psychological state of fear can trigger enormous production of exosomes.

When all this started in the middle of March, my sister was going to work as usually. She works at The Institute for Corn Research in Zemun and she was wearing mask from the beginning of the crises. She was one of the first people to get the mask and to wear it in the bus etc. We made jokes about that but she took it seriously.

Just about the same time, maybe in the middle of March, she was weak and she started to feel a mild flu. Days were passing and she developed fewer and start coughing. She went to the doctor's office and they prescribed her hemomicyn, a macrolide antibiotic, for her fewer. She started taking the medicine.

What happened after that I am not sure. She was at home getting more sick everyday. From sneezing to coughing then throat inflammation and finally pneumonia. She was so weak she could not talk and walk. Five days ago they did coronavirus test and the results are not known yet.

I think she was under tremendous stress having a flu in this kind of environment. The stress and the fear from the virus actually created virus itself. I have no other explanation how this all works but this is how I see it. My father told me that when he was talking to my sister, while she was at home, he noticed a kind of "giving up" attitude in her. I am not sure but maybe just her fear of having a coronavirus was enough to speed up her illness.

In any case the situation is very serious. I am lost and helpless. Just like you I am watching events rolling on in front of my eyes.

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