Nothing new...

Last week my daughter was with me and I liked it. She was working from my place. She came because I was feeling really bad. My sister is not stable. She is now with half ventilation, her lungs have started to work but she has low blood pressure and taking adrenalin for that.

On Thursday night my daughter called her friends to come over and we had a mini party. It was so nice to see them chatting and laughing.

I am changing. I feel it. I simply do not have time for the bullshit anymore. Some of my former girlfriends contacted me but I deleted the messages without replying. And yet, some of who I wanted to be in contact to, never messaged me.

I also deleted all conversations on Bumble online dating site. After three or four text messages where I explain who I am, I asked those women a simply question - Do you want to call me to come to your place or do you want to come to mine? They say no or whatever so I deleted them. Only one woman replied that she wants to meet me on the street, so I will meet her tomorrow. But that is also under question.

On Monday I will start working. My managers and even the Human Resources department called me asking me for my sister and how I am. That's very nice and I am surprised how much they value me as an employee.

It is difficult to do yoga when your mind is somewhere else. I have managed to do 6 yoga practices in 11 days. Next week I want to do more, at least 4 practices per week.

Starting immediately, I want to introduce the fasting in my life. I will introduce 12 hours period between meals. I read a lot about benefits of fasting and I want to try it.

I will write about humanity but I have realized that only as an individual, working alone, I can accomplish my goal and reach enlightenment.