Starting recapitulation practice


Not for being poor or ugly, but for longing

Today I know that you do not want me anymore
And this is what hurts me most
So much that I wear a black shirt
And a regret...

Sadly, it looks like I was left alone
And all was purely, completely, all was lie.
What damned bad luck.
To find me on that day...

I wear the black shirt.
Your love doesn't interest me anymore.
What tasted of glory to me yesterday,
Today tastes to me of pure shit!

Good evening ladies, gentlemen and transgender people,

how is your quarantine going in this pandemia? Ha, that was a first contact on Bumble, a 49 years old woman, asked me today. I told her it is going shitty baby. I am not sure she will reply, but who cares.

This is how I look now. My hair is wacky, I just woke up, slept from 3 to 5:30 pm, my left eye is swollen more than right, two days, almost white, beard, why do I need to shave? I'm listening La Camisa Negra song and I am singing in Spanish... tengo la camisa negra.

Tonight, I will start recapitulation practice

I am going to recapitulate my sexual encounters in the period after divorce, so in the last 7 years I am going to recall in memory every sexual act I had. The recapitulation is a self technique that enables me to repair damages in my emotional makeup. It is a healing process. It is a method of recovering the energy that I have given away to other people.

This technique is simple. First, I'll make a list of all women I had sexual relationship in the last 7 years. The list will be done in chronological order so I go in past to that June 30th, 2013, when I separated with my ex wife, and I start from there...

The recapitulation is a simple practice. A witchcraft actually, so simple, so effective. You should sit comfortably, close your eyes and try to recall the person and places from your memory. Then you start breathing and cleaning your emotional state.

You are looking at the person from your memory and you inhaling turning your head to the left. Then you exhale turning your head to the right. It is recommended that you make your recapitulation session not more that an hour in length.

The most important aspect of this technique is intent. You "intend" to pull your energy from the event with your inhalation. You "intend" the expel the energy of others from yourself with your exhalation.

In our consumer society I find that the ultimate goal in life is to pair up with another human being and cling to the "coupling" ideal as if your life depends on it. People even imply that something is "wrong" with you if you're single but statistics show that one half of all adults are single.

I don't give a shit about question of being single and not feeling alone. Or being alone but not being lonely. Well, the truth is I am single, alone and lonely. There you go. I'm an introvert and I have great friends and I have ashtanga yoga, the condo gym and recapitulation practice. It is up to me if I want to practice it or not. It is just my laziness that stands between me and those things.

The recapitulation. I'm not new in that area, I practiced recapitulation 14 years ago, actually I have recapitulated all my life back then. So in 2020, I'm doing it again.

For me, recapitulation is a core technique to heal emotional charges. I'm not going to explain the origins of this exercise, you can find it on the Internet. Also the technique is not really important, inhaling while moving your head from left to right or from right to left. The most important thing in recapitulation is your INTENT.

As I said, the purpose of recapitulation is to eliminate emotional imbalances that cause me to be blind to the world around me. I'm far away from my intuition because I am full of emotional charges; many of which I'm not even aware.

I'm using recapitulation to reclaim my energy. Whenever I go and have a sex I leave an energetic piece of myself. In every person I interact with I leave energy and unless I reclaimed it back to myself, the interaction with others really drains me of vitality. This is particularly most true of sexual encounters.

Through the consistent use of recapitulation I restore the vitality and energy necessary to move on with my life. If recapitulation is done correctly on a person, that person will barely remember you.

As a note of warning I must tell you - don't do  recapitulation on someone you want to keep in your life. Recapitulation on a person removes all bonds between you and that person. In 2006 I have done only partial recapitulation on, at that time, my spouse, so no surprise I got divorced later on.

More about recapitulation you can read here... recapitulation exercise