What to say if someone is not replying to your text messages?

Text messaging is just conversation, a request and a response. But there is a fact that you don’t have to reply to any message you receive immediately. The fact that phones are designed to be instant is easily ignored. Text messages go unanswered for hours or days.

Your phone buzzes! You’re curious. Who is that? Who might it be?

At least I feel like this.

My phone is always with me and respond to every text messages in period of 5 to 10 minutes. If I am busy I text back that I am busy. I don't text when I am driving car, doing yoga, eating or working, more precisely writing a code, programming.

My philosophy is simple - the whole purpose of sending a text message is to get a reply within minutes, otherwise, I would have sent a letter by Canada post. If someone is busy or doesn't want to receive my messages it should clearly say that.

It's driving me crazy when I send message and I have to wait for hours and days to get the reply. I find such people who do that kind of replies to be really selfish bastards. I think everyone can reply in 2-3 hours and say "don't text me any more" or just "busy now", or whatever, it takes how long? 10 seconds...

Why people don't reply to text messages?

I read on internet a lot about this topic and I tend to agree with general sense that a person does not reply because:
  1. that person really doesn’t like you; 
  2. they find your text message outdated, really boring, and they are having something better to distract themselves with; 
  3. they are playing mind games with you, well knowing that by keeping you waiting will cause you bitter frustration; 
  4. they are lazy and don’t respect you to respond to you at all.
Sometimes people don’t respond because they deliberately signaling they’re annoyed but that just shows their dishonesty. They should reply and say that they are annoyed.

By not replying the people actually clearly display their sadistic and narcissistic tendencies toward other person. The fact is that their delaying to respond is a way of establishing dominance in a relationship, by making themselves look too busy and important to reply.

Whoever doesn't reply on text message in couple of hours is a coward and not an honest person.

I say to all these narcissistic persona that they don’t need fancy phone to ignore anyone. While they may be busy, not seen the message or simply they’re thinking about what they want to say etc.. in couple of hours they can take 20 seconds and reply, everything else is bullshit!

They should reply saying their real feeling!