Thursday, June 18, 2020

Trust Me, You Need a Dog

I have a hobby I should tell you about. I like so much to read female profiles on They are really an interesting read and they tell me a lot about divorced women after 40s, well, they are the ones I am interesting in.

I find it amazing that half of single moms in 40s on are pet owners. My investigation of the matter lead me to conclusion that all starts with their kid desire for a doggy, accompanied by crocodile tears and firm promises that the kid will take care of, clean their cages, walk them three times a day, bathe, feed them etc..

Tired of years of hearing that crying and and believing in their I'll do everything you don't have to do anything, completely impulsively, without any plan, one Saturday morning a single mom, with a kid, buys a puppy.

Kid's enthusiasm for commitments lasts three to four months, until the moment when a puppy finally dares to come out. Then, when the walking became a daily obligation that cannot be avoided and for which there is no "I'll do it later", it is a mom who starts taking all the care of the dog. Yes, she has started loving a dog more and more by every passing day.

A dog became her sun, antidepressant, her personal trainer, the greatest love and she can no longer imagine her life without those few minutes when she sleeps on her back with all four in height. She starts telling to other people that a dog took her to become a better person.

I read on that single moms do prefer to spend more time with their dogs than with their partners or family members. You can read the amazing statistics here Why so many women now say they’d rather hang with their dog than their lover.

And returning back to my hobby of reading women's profile... what every single women wants is an unconditional love and emotional support, a protective friend and an funny entertainer. And only a dog has it all.

It’s widely known that dogs provide an unconditional love that is often a much more reliable and pure than she can get from a man. In human relationships, each party gives love in order to receive love, and there can sometimes be a feeling of a taking a score. A dog has no score matching system. They are intuitive, great listeners of her endless, sad, stories, and he will never get tired of spending time with her.

What I have realized so I tell this to all divorced and lonely women readers out there whose children also whine that they want a dog is - no! Don't take a dog to a child. Take the dog to yourself.

You do all the work in the house anyway. You will comb your dog regularly because it sheds so much, but so what? You will vacuum the house the same as before.

When you come home from outside - your conscience will bite you because you left a dog alone, so you play regardless of the headache, toothache, fatigue, the desire to rest and to be left alone. No, it's not an option because your "ray of sunshine" looks at you so pleadingly, charmingly, lovingly and let's go - throw the ball, pull the rope, chop the apple, roll on the floor and make strange noises.

You will be the person who is always the first to leave every party. When you travel, you will hire a dog sitter and pay him with dry gold just so that the "child" does not suffer, and then you wake up at sea in the middle of the night thinking - will he die of grief.

If you ever get drunk and come home at a bad time, and you want to sleep in the morning - count on a walk at three in the morning. No more weekends in pajamas all day, get dressed as soon as you open your eyes because love is waiting to go outside.

When you cry a lot, a dog will lick your tears and at that moment, you would want to laugh again and the tears will disappear. All your hard work with the dog will be paid out.

In life, a single moms rarely have the privilege of being loved so much, and only a dog can do that so strongly and cleanly. That's why - don't take a dog to a child but to yourself!

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