Friday, June 5, 2020

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I'm finally satisfied with my new web site and a new blog. It took me seven days to make it, customize it and move the old articles around. I have separated daily life section which will be a blog from now on. I'm not finished yet but it's okay. It looks good and professional.

How are you my friends?

I am really not doing anything special, I am not going anywhere and no one is coming. Most of the time I am on my balcony. I got a bit tanned, it is a wonderful weather in Toronto and I'm taking this opportunity to get some vitamin D.

I'm having a gorgeous view on a swimming pool. Sounds of ocean waves in the air and it is so peaceful. I have no words to describe it.

video from my balcony - view on the pool and sounds of the sea

Things are moving... slowly. After two days of text messaging disenteria with one Iranian woman, when we finally met at High Park, couple days ago, she did not want to shake hands with me because of COVID fear. I could not believe what is happening. I told her that our date is over and turned around and went away.

I had two more dates in past two weeks, the one last Wednesday, with shake hands, some hugging and couple kilometers of walking but nothing really happened.

The woman on the first date was too old, the one on the last date was too fat. The photos on their profiles were from 5 years ago. A sad reality of online dating. 😓

eh, exactly two years ago, on this day, I was in Mexico

From the last date I learned something very valuable. She was 49 years old Ukrainian woman she told me that she is not interested in sex, she want a companion, a friend, some close relationship. She told me that if she wants just sex she would find someone from 35 to 40 years old and she will not be talking to me.

I was really stunned to hear that. It opened my eyes and now I understand why there is no responses from nice looking woman in late 40s and early 50s I contacted on

I don't know if she is right but I told her to try me. We ended up in my apartment and we were kissing and drinking wine.

I didn't like her, she was like a tank ready for front-line combat, a former bodybuilder. I really like skinny, sensitive woman, but regardless of my liking I was poison to show her what can I do. And then happen something.

After second glass of wine, she suddenly stood up and said she has to go and that we should meet on Friday. And she went leaving me totally confused.

This morning I send her a text message. I said: Thank you for the walk and a wonderful time last night but we will not repeat it. All the best to you. She replied with thank you and she asked me to call her, she would like to talk to me. I just deleted the fucking message.

I created an honest profile on without lies and with recent photos but that does not really help me. In my profile I said I don't want to meet real estate agents because I have nothing to buy or sell. And then I contacted one woman and she replied...


I'll keep trying, contacting lonely women out there on although my confidence is very much diminished. As you can see, my life is a wild thing...

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