Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Happy Birthday Canada!!!
Happy Canada Day💖

Ladies and Gentlemen;

let me ask you some questions. You don't need to answer...just think of it. That's quite enough.

But first, let me tell you that I am perfectly fine. Last night I was with my friend in McKenzie's bar talking about my divorce. I was sad, I even texted my ex wife and congratulate her for the our divorce anniversary. I watched old photos, I cried a bit and I said to myself let move on, let live the fucking life...

So I've came up with these questions in order to shake me and you up, if that is possible at all.

Today is 153rd birthday to this great country... Canada. I love Canada more than Serbia. I will never return to Serbia, my future is here.

Zee du Canada

How do you live your life?

Do you rush through the present, thinking there’s always something around corner, there’s always something you need to finish? No matter how far you get and how hard you work you always want to go further looking for better.

Sure money matters, material things bring comfort, but unfortunately they don’t bring happiness. You will always be unsatisfied until you realize that life isn’t about things.

You’re alive, and most of the time you have to do things you don’t want to do, you have to survive. But if you find yourself working for things that don’t matter like a big house or a fancy car, you’ve missed the point.

You already have everything you want.

Do you have a vague feeling of being cheated?

An unfortunate pitfall of growing up is that you're at a high risk of getting disappointed and hurt by life. Kids are left, you're divorced and probably overweight, your sleep pattern is disturbed, you've started drinking and panicking about health issues, you've started asking yourself "is this all there is"...

After 50 you have reached maturity to see that you cannot improve your reality, you can just lower your expectations. You have no hope that something better will come and you've realized that "expect the unexpected, believe in the unbelievable, and achieve the unachievable" is a bullshit.

You're feeling as if you are less seen and less heard, although you still have hope for something better to come. My dear friend, nothing better will come, Elvis has left the building, and there’s no one to help you to get through this crap of old age.

The list of your needs grows daily, and you wonder how you’ll get it all done and still make your mortgage payment.

Do you wait for retirement to start living?

In meanwhile, you work more hours so you can do that other stuff “someday.” You save your money so that you can retire - comfortably.

It is so ridiculous, you are not seeing that you will be too tired to live up to the expectation you have of retirement.

The retirement, that's your ultimate escape. You pushed aside living at present moment so that you could live up to a hope that doesn’t exist.

To live, you’ve got to let go of hopes and expectations.

Cherish your life and the present time. If something happens, it happens, it is not that you make it happen, it just does. If it doesn’t, then it wasn’t meant to; let it go. You think if you don’t interfere things won’t happen.

Life is meant to be fun. It doesn’t go anywhere it just is, in this very moment. It is easy and effortless, but by waiting for something better you rarely recognize it for what it is.

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