Friday, July 3, 2020

It's a crime against humanity

You have to be very insensitive not to notice that most of the time you are under the impression that you have depression or anxiety or some sort of illness. Either you caught the bacteria or you have neurotransmitter imbalance.

You have noticed something is wrong with you but you cannot really define it. If you do feel tired, I think it is a time for you to know what is going on.

Have you heard of Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian mystic from early part of the last century. Back then he predicted that in his future time, the time we are living now, there will be movement driven by big corporations to take the soul away from people in order to disconnect people from the higher world.

How to do that, he said, the big corporations will employ necessary measures to destroy the pineal gland in human brain.

You see, the pineal gland is the most sensitive part of our central nervous system and it's highly sensitive to four things: aluminum particles (today used in Geo-engineering like chemical trails), glyphosate (today's herbicides used in agriculture), fluoride (toothpaste, and drinking water) and Wi-Fi.

In the last 60 years our politicians and big corporations have pushed these four things on us.

The greatest danger to humanity is degeneration of human consciousness!!!

It is thinking about unimportant things, doing repetitive work, constant worry and feeling of helplessness that lowers our IQ, harms our cognitive functions, makes us robot like creatures... the things that leads us to depression and apathy.

The latest example of this is the corona virus crisis and this worldwide lockdown with extreme severity and quarantine for almost everyone and all because of protecting us, the people, from an enemy.

And every government knows it is a disaster for the national and world economy, it is complete social suicide. Yet they go along... with the orders of whom?

It's July now and we've already seen the damage of unheard proportions. In these months of so-called pandemic, we see a disaster far exceeding those of 1929 and 2008. Never in recorded human history has so much misery been created.

The lockdown has caused a meltdown of small companies, family businesses, which now become easy prey to be bought by large corporations – unemployment soaring to heights never experienced before by modern humanity.

The media is doing everything imaginable to keep up with the fear and cause the opening of the blood-brain barriers so the toxins accumulated from air and water can spread through our brain freely. The fear - it is one of the main opening for blood-brain barriers.

Misery has no end. And this is only the tiny tip of the iceberg. The worst is still to come so let take a few steps back – it is clear, it is no coincidence that the entire world is stricken by the same virus and virtually at the same time.

Politicians, responsible for “convincing their herd” actually believe the lies which are being imposed upon them by higher authority. The lies becomes truth. Politicians endorse the consensus, they enforce “new social engineering”.

When you think about this you come to the conclusion that there must have been an ultra intelligence group of scientists who have designed this protocol to fluoridate the drinking water, to put nano aluminum particles in the air, to put lavishing amount of herbicides in the food and then activated the spark with the fear and the right frequencies used by WiFi.

This is not a coincidence, this is all orchestrated by destructive, malevolent minds or what is more possible, some higher fields of sick consciousness influencing our natural evolution.

What we are seeing right now, it’s an operation and it's a crime against humanity.

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