Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Anyone who doesn't go crazy, can't be normal

My life has been changed. I am trying to put the strings together and move on towards my goal of obtaining self-realization. It is not easy. This illusion that surrounds me, this world, has became so interesting, lately, it is impossible for me to keep my direction.

In the name of coronavirus, the government has entered itself into every corner of my existence. My daily life has changed drastically.

They have forbidden me to embrace my daughter. They have denied me to go to the funeral for my twin sister. They have silenced me for saying what I want, and banned me from calling my friends over.

They have ordered me to stay at home, scolded or fined me for sunbathing, going on country or even entering High Park.

They have forced millions of people to stop working, sabotaged the educations, both schools and universities. They have performed the biggest state takeover known in entire human history.

Soon, I will discover that my job, I thought was safe, is in question. Soon, too, it will separate me from my savings, through punishing tax and savage inflation, to pay for the disaster it has caused.

Now they tell me what to wear and how to behave. And what they want me is to wear this cloth muzzle, a face-covering that turns me from a normal human into a mumbling, mouth-less, submissive sheep.

And this, for majority of people, seems to be so normal and popular. They say, it protects us. From what? From lies and manipulation of historic proportions? I don't want to comment any further but I see that general population really deserve what it is getting. They will keep being in a deep sleep and not wake up for anything in this world.

I just read, couple minutes ago, that the gunman who killed US judge's husband and son has been found death. That judge has been assigned to Epstein's case. So things are getting dirtier and dirtier by every passing day.

In the middle of this madness I am trying to find my own way out. I'm not going to get depressed, comment on politics, get heated up or anything similar. I am going to keep my detachment from this world and proceed in my direction. Daily yoga practice is my way - bending, moving, folding, sweating. Exercise is the best way having clear and awake mind.

I want to lose my belly fat, meaning 5 kg (10 lbs). I want to look good and be healthy. Only strong body is ready for self-realization.

I have returned to Bumble online dating and I'm having 45 women that liked me. If only 5 of those women are according to my expectations it will be excellent. I just started having conversation with couple of them. There is real opportunity here but only if they are not afraid to meet in this circumstances. I will see, it is difficult for me to say anything on this point.

Last night, I spend over 3 hours looking at cooking videos on YouTube. I want to start cooking. I did that two or three years ago but somehow I stopped it. Now, I am going to learn to make a bread, and make simple, but tasty meals such as beans, goulash, moussaka, djuvec etc... I want to do that because time is coming to take care of food.

I also set a new goal, I want to learn a handstand. My goal is to be able to hold it in the middle of room for 10 seconds. So today I have started practicing handstand near the wall. I hope one day I will put my photo standing in the middle of room and carrying this earth on my shoulders.

You should know that I am just a blog writer, thinking for myself and I am so often totally wrong in my predictions. I would like to be wrong this time. I am not an expert in politics and economy, I am just a computer programmer working on UI with Angular and Java. But I am awake, I read a lot and I'm confused, something big is looming ahead...

And the song for today... Goran Bregovic

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