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The authorised/certified list finally appeared

The Soca Boys - The List!!!

Ashtanga teachers were asked to submit new registration info in December of last year, and it took over six months to get this put on the Sharth Yoga Centre (SYC) website.

I love soca, repeat after me, I love soca... read this post while listening the song of the day.

Ashtanga yoga teachers from all around world are coming to Mysore to do their practice for the large sum of money... They are learning that you jump through when you are ready to jump through.

There are few little yoga men in Mysore. The majority are yoga studio/shala owners and of course a lot of former dancers. It makes me sad to read and hear all bullshit about ashtanga teachers and their saintness or whatnot. But, I have a deep respect to their yoga practice and I know they are serious folks.

The roof, the roof is on fire... we don't need no water!

Recently Sharath has done a bit of house keeping of the teacher list and those who currently do not meet the criteria have been removed.

The majority of teachers removed from the list already state on their website something to the effect "authorized/certified to teach by Pattabhi Jois" so will be relatively unaffected by the removal from the current list.

Here is the list of senior Ashtanga Yoga teachers that had studied with Pattabhi Jois and are removed from the Sharath list of certified teachers. Just for North America...

Dominic Corigliano
Mark Darby
Joanne Darby
Manju Jois
Tim Miller
Annie Pace
Richard Freeman
Chuck Miller
Melanie Fawer
Mary Jo Mulligan
Guy Donahaye
John Campbell
Olaf Kalfas
David Garrigues

On four, you're going to jump and wave...

Let's remember what Paramaguru Sharath has said in February 2019:

For the past two months KPJAYI has taught students from different countries around the world. The shala is open eight hours in the morning, starting at 3:40am and we finish before 12pm. In the afternoon, I return for two more hours as we hold therapy and yoga classes as well as provide office time to students with personal questions. My days are busy, but my work is always a joy. It’s the thing I live for.

In our tradition, we believe yoga is learned over a long, consistent study of asana, pranayama and yoga philosophy and we encourage students to connect with the shala for their ongoing practice and yoga sadhana. I have dedicated my entire life to teaching students yoga the way it was taught to me by my guru, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, and our institute has grown into one of the world’s most preferred institutes for yoga studies. We are committed to our students and their education in yogic knowledge so that the transformational qualities of yoga can spread throughout the world. Regular practice of yoga can bring good health and a calm, steady mind to many.

We will continue to do our work so that our students and teachers have the support they need. Upon the death of my grandfather, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, many of his students went their own way. They branched into their own paths and taught yoga the way they saw fit. Everyone has their own understanding of Guruji’s teachings and they teach according to their understanding. I don’t question them about their sadhana and dedication to yoga. I have no right to question them; in fact, I respect their dedication.

These students have grown and made their own recognition and reputation in the yoga world, of which I’m extremely happy. Regarding the removal of Certified/Authorized students from the teacher’s list, it is very important for the future growth of the institution to list teachers who have an ongoing relationship with the Shala and understand the Shala’s ethos.

KPJAYI has been open every year for the past ten years and has provided special courses for teachers on the list. It is a natural conclusion that teachers who have not connected with the shala for a very long time, and who have not been involved with the shala programs, do not utilize the KPJAYI platform anymore.

I’m sad to say that many teachers offer teacher trainings, which run contrary to KPJAYI’s method of learning. I have consistently stated and have tried to advise teachers not to offer these trainings. Yoga is to be learned as a daily practice over a long period of time with a consistent teacher. Short-term teacher trainings do not benefit the student’s understanding and experience of yoga. It is my sincere hope that KPJAYI teachers consider first the student, the seeker of yoga, and teach the method.

As we enter into a new era at KPJAYI, it’s time to encourage the younger generation of students and teachers with a fresh mind. I will always do what I believe is good for yoga, the institute, and for my students. Yoga is union. We should not seek division.

Any teacher who disagrees, respectfully or not, is welcomed to voluntarily request their name to be removed from the KPJAYI teacher list by sending an email to

Hari Om!,


So in short, if you would like to be authorized ashtanga yoga teacher by SYC you should:

1. Study regularly at the SYC and pay the required fees.
2. Teach the method as it is taught at the SYC and maintain a yoga shala to allow for daily, preferably morning, Mysore-style practice and should honor Saturdays and the full/new moon days as rest days.
3. Not offer "Ashtanga Teacher training".
4. Jump and Wave.

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