Friday, July 10, 2020

World Pulp Fiction - outrageously sad, twisting stories of our time

I noticed that in recent days I'm completely out of balance. I'm spending too much time on social media and reading internet news. Yes, the world's events are so interesting but I don't want such life. I want to return to my main life's goal - self-realization.

At present, we are living at the end of the world as we know it. We are about to witness the greatest events in human history. The world as we know it is crumbling before our very eyes and majority of people are not aware of it. The social structures that have been here for hundreds of years are going down as we speak...

What we have now in the world's arena is a plain war between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. For a long time our world has been plunging down into darkness of materialism influenced by leftis and neo-liberal ideas and ideals. The world has been led by tiny few - the elite, so called deep state or whatever you want to call it.

They have almost succeeded to destroy our social core - the institution of family. They have made people so sensible and egocentric that any other opinion, not in accordance with leftis view is seen as an offense... But the facts are just that - the facts.

California used to be a land of paradise, but that is not anymore. I read this morning the old article, from January this year: ‘Not the Golden State anymore’: Middle- and low-income people leaving California and was not surprised at all.

The former Californian by birth, Melinda Temblador, said she left “Commiefornia” because of “the high cost of everything, extreme moral decay and (being) pretty sick of bearing the cost of freeloaders for their free medical, free college, free free free stuff while I slave away staying awake at night wondering how I’m going to pay for my daughter’s college but the illegal next door gets it for free"...

In Canada, the things are heating up. Ottawa to post $343B deficit as spending hits levels not seen since Second World War article has 10000 comments by readers, so it is of a great interest. The facts published in the article are:

- Deficit for 2020-21 rises to $343.2 billion from $34.4 billion projected before pandemic.
- Net federal debt will hit $1.2 trillion.
- Federal debt-to-GDP ratio is expected to rise to 49% in 2020-21 from 31%
- Direct federal support for Canadians and businesses: $212 billion.
- COVID-19 slowdown has cost the federal treasury an additional $81.3 billion.
- GDP will shrink by projected 6.8% this year — worst since the Great Depression.
- Economy is expected to bounce back by 5.5% next year.

I will not comment on these numbers, you can make your own conclusion.

Three days ago I have witnessed the first riots and protests against lockdown measures in Europe. It happened in Serbia where we can see an unbelievable policy brutality, the savage physical violence of a dead political regime against his own people.

I can go on and on with bad news and I will not do that. Let's join the forces of Light and proceed to a great awakening.

High Park, Toronto, Yoga Retreat: August 1 - 9, 2020

Yesterday, I posted my diary of 2018 yoga retreat in Punta Cana. I was reading it and looking at the photos. I remembered how it was and I do have a lot of good feelings about the retreat, I want to repeat the experience. So I decided to make a yoga retreat at my home.

August 3 is Monday and a holiday here in Canada so if I take 4 days vacation from Tuesday, August 4, to Friday, August 7 I can connect 2 weekends and I will have total 9 days for this yoga retreat. Email has been sent to my manager and my vacation was approved.

I set up the basic rules for the yoga retreat: 2 yoga practices a day, no going out, no alcohol, no Facebook or any other social media, no dating (that was easy, nothing is happening now), just yoga, walking, reading and relaxing. I am going to watch what I eat, a lot of fruits and water.

My schedule will be the same as the retreat in Punta Cana:

06:00 am - wake up
07:00 am - first yoga practice (45 min)
09:00 am - breakfast
10:00 am - 05:00 pm daily activities
06:00 pm - second yoga practice (45 min)
08:00 pm - dinner
10:00 pm - sleep

I'm going to keep a diary and I will update my blog accordingly.

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