Sunday, August 2, 2020

Two and a half men

I have canceled yoga retreat. I was so busy on Friday, had 4 hours of meetings at work and did only one yoga practice. Yesterday, I was so tired, slept over all day. At the night I met my friend and we stayed at Dark Horse until closing. It was well passed 2 am when I returned home.

Last night, I had like 6 or 7 strong IPA beers, I don't remember quite well. I was with Pura, my best friend. I like him, he is different than me. He is a strong personality guy. We had fights in the past because I am stubborn and single minded too.

Once, I don't remember exact reason, I could not stand him anymore, I told him that our friendship is over and deleted his phone number and took him out of my facebook friends. After couple of months we reconnected.

We went to Mexico with his son, two and a half men, and we had a blast. 14 days were the best vacation I ever had. We were drinking, playing sports, looking for women... it was fantastic time. I was really happy than.

This is a thing with the friends. You have to accept them as they are. I have only 3 or 4 very good friends everybody else are just acquaintances. I have to keep a good relationship with my friends.

Now I am drinking a coffee and looking at the photos from the past. I have deleted all the photos of my former girlfriends but somehow I found these from February, my last girlfriend. She is a really pretty woman. She gave me permission to show her photos on my blog, so here they are.

We had a very nice time at the beginning of this year. We went out almost every weekend partying hard. I still have a voucher for our vacation in Dominican Republic, I paid $4000 for a five star resort. Maybe we will go next year. Haha, you never know this thing.

If you ask me now, after 5 months, I can not give you the answer why I broke up with her. She was very much into me but somehow I could not connect with her. After our relationship failure in March, I did not have any girlfriend and now this is the longest period in my life without the one.

True, I had one night stand in March, with a woman from my country, but that was it. I never met her again, the coronavirus shit started...

Yes, you guess it right, I am tired of being alone. Desperate times call for desperate measures, my reader, if you or you have a friend who may be interested in me or Pura, send me an email, it is on the bottom of every page. Let's get things rolling, lets go out and meet, have a date and have a good time. Don't be afraid of coronavirus, it actually does not exist. Oh, well.

I'm slowly waking up, and I will try, I say try, to do a yoga practice. I'm going today to Pura's place and we will make a barbecue on his balcony. We will talk again about past times, our experiences and we will laugh like we always do.

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