Thursday, September 17, 2020

Do you know what a "friend zone" is?

Did you just clicked on this article that has the word "friend zone" in the title. I know, it is interesting subject. I am going to take a guess and assume that you know what a "friend zone” is. But for all those readers that do not know, I have to say, the "friend zone" is not a friendship.

There’s a big difference between the "friend zone" and actual friendship. Real friends feel the same way. Sure, they may have different opinions, but they move on and it’s cool. There’s no manipulation, the communication is handled with respect and honesty.

Well, that is not a case with the "friend zone". The "friend zone" is an imaginary little place that two people create to make themselves feel better about not being partners anymore. Generally speaking, it is always that one person has more interest than another.

It is so common for the female narcissists to create the "friend zone" with their ex boyfriend(s). That gives them a sort of inner satisfaction although they're not attracted to or interested in the partner, they fully know the fact that their relationship will never turn romantic.

If you have read my posts in RELATIONSHIP category you may have noticed that I have contacted my narcissistic ex girlfriend and that we have started talking and texting again. Well, she is really something.

On Monday night we talked on the phone until 3 am in the morning. It was nice, we laughed, remembering old days, gossip about our friends etc... We were drinking wine while we were talking and lot of things came to the surface.

Yes, she has a boyfriend, who is coming to her house, to watch hokey or basketball game. Her ex husband knows about their relationship, her kids know him... what to say, idyllic relationship. He wants serious, a real thing, he wants the wife, and there she is.

I asked her what she wants from me if she has a boyfriend. She said we are friends, but I know we are not friends, she only wants to create the "friend zone" with me. I, on other hand, I was just interested in sex with her, nothing else.

She wanted to talk on Tuesday night but I cut the crap. I told her to stop calling me, I have realized I will never have sex with her, that is what the "friend zone" is.

The "friend zone" is a term people use when they want to feel like they had a chance and then they understand that other person never had any interest. In my case, the "friends" she's referring to just means the "friend zone" where I have to be to spike her self esteem, nothing else.  

Darling, get the fuck off, I'm not okay with that!

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