Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Don't cry for Louie, Louie wouldn't cry for you

These moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain. And frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!

Don't cry for Louie

Life is so different from movies, it makes me sad. Divorced women are big fans of romantic movies because they want to have that kind of romantic relationship. So many cliches! Tell me, what makes a middle-aged,  overworked, chubby, exhausted woman and mother-of-three run to the opening night of 50 Shades of Gray? Never mind.

I'm not buying all this shitty stories about relationship. After divorce, I have realized real freedom is to be emotionally independent of other people.

I just like sex. And I don't mix it with love. It is hard for me to love! What is love? Angela II, my former girlfriend, who broke up with me saying she does not like the dynamics of our relationship, meaning she wanted more time "for us", is a classic example of this relationship's bullshit.

Every time any of my girlfriends hinted about spending more time with me I felt cold and sick to the heart. I don't wish to leave my freedom of being single for commitment of being with someone.

They don't understand me. I don't understand them... so now, I am alone.

Louie wouldn't cry for you

Everyone wants more of life. Everyone strives for something... These wants help people to feel alive. But, it is so plain and so obvious and so simple. There is nothing in life to be achieved.

All what we know, what we see, what we understand is a lie. Our sense of presence is the first lie, imagination, everything else is built on it: the feeling of "I", ego, personality, perception, universe, the world, nations, relationships... love, hate, desire, passion, anger, greed, lust... sex.

Living in the world and seeing the falseness of everything is a great courage. However, laziness, pride and cowardice are the main characteristics of people. Instead seeing this clearly, everybody wants fame, everyone wants to be liked.

People want to be loved and admired; failing that they're feared; they feel hated and despised. They want to evoke some sort of sentiment. The soul shudders before oblivion so they seeks connection at any price. - Hjalmar Söderberg

The fact is, divorced women are mothers, they are business-women, investors, used to cutting their losses - in a consumer's world they live. For them, everything is an "investment," and they want guarantees. They fall in love only on the surface and when they don't love anymore, they hate. Their "love" is an empty hysteria. They are far from affectionate beings, practically they are heartless.

After carefully analyzing my experiences and experiences of my divorced friends and married couples, I would be very naive to believe that true love is something real. And that's the whole truth behind relationships and love.

I am free to say, like it or not I just want sex. Take it or leave it. Love is a beautiful concept, but it is just imagination.

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