Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The online dating is not going well

Just finished my 13th yoga practice in September. Target was 15 but I am always a bit off my goals. Really, I cannot accomplish anything that I set to make, nothing goes according to my plans.

I am presently living on cash and that is going well but on Monday I had a date with one Ukrainian woman and we met in Open Cork in Mississauga. We had nice evening, steak dinner, a shot of tequila and two glasses of wine. Total bill was $155 which I, as a gentlemen, paid it.

I will never meet this woman again. I did not like her. She is 50 but she looks older than me. She is not doing any exercise, not going to gym, she does not take care of herself too much. She had a large dress and it was dark so I could not see her well. Anyway, we did finish our date with a kiss and we promised to see each other again but that will not happen.

Yesterday, she sent me a message saying that she would like to go for a dinner on Saturday night. It looks to me she is the one of those who like to dine and wine a lot. My feeling is that she is not much into me and she certainly does want to come to my place or to call me to her place.

So I wanted to check this, while I was writing this post, I send her messages and everything finished in 10 minutes. I was right.

A recent research by American psychologists revealed that 1 in 3 women goes on dates just to eat, without any desire to form a relationship, long or short. Besides, such behavior is more typical for single divorced mothers. How many divorced women do ‘foodie calls’ here in Toronto, what do you think?

The group of researchers including Brian Collisson, Jennifer Howell, and Trista Harig published their work in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science. It was a discussion on the news that prompted scientists to look at the phenomenon and attempt to quantify what share of population was participating in such behavior.

The first study involved 820 females: 40% were single, 33% were married, 27% were in a long-term relationship. The study looked at answers of heterosexual women, who were asked a series of questions including psychological profiling and the history of ‘foodie calls’. 23% of respondents, or 1 in 4, revealed that they used a date invitation to score a free meal, although most of them indicated they only did it rarely or occasionally. The females who were not doing it themselves found it moderately or completely unacceptable; others who took chances to dine for free viewed them as more acceptable.
The second study included a similar questionnaire, which was given to 357 heterosexual females. In this group, 33% of respondents admitted using a date invitation as a chance for a free meal.

Single guys you have to know this things if you are doing online dating... read it carefully.

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