Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The party time is over

On Sunday night I hosted the last party in this year. My friends came over, we drunk a lot of beer and we had some tequila shuts. We were dancing and laughing. We ate sarma (meat cabbage rolls) and we were having a lot of fun. I don't believe this lockdown that has started is going to be finished any time soon, certainly not this year.

Now, nowhere to go, no one to come, nothing to do

In this circumstance it is good to have a firm schedule and lead disciplined life.

According to the dictionary, discipline is training to act in accordance with rules; activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; behavior in accord with rules of conduct; behavior and order maintained by training and control.

Imagine what I could accomplish if I could simply get myself to follow through on my best intentions no matter how I feel. The rules are my conscious decisions which comes from my intention. And I have intention to stay positive, healthy and energetic person.

Life according to the military regime

After careful observation of current wordy affairs I have concluded that shit has hit the fan. New World Order, Deep State or Elite has succeeded. Our planet has became a source of great fear. My dear friends, we are living in a prison planet.

I will not write about our shitty place. I don't want to scare you in any way or be a part of this worldly panic. There is no reason for that. I say be fearless. Know who you really are. Your illusory 'I' has no real existence so also the world has no existence. Take it for granted.

My answer to this is quite natural. Military regime of my life starts this morning. And every morning at 0500 hours, I will jump out of bed and start living according to strict schedule for every single day including Saturday and Sunday:

5:00 AM - Get up
7:00 AM - Meditation (30 minutes)
7:30 AM - Yoga practice (60 minutes)
9:00 AM - Login for work (weekdays)
4:30 PM - Logoff from work (weekdays)
5:00 PM - Walking in High Park (60 minutes)
6:30 PM - Gym/strength exercise (20 minutes)
9:30 PM - Spiritual teaching reading(30 minutes)
10:00 PM - Sleep

It is a mistake to continue my life without strict routine. Only dead fish goes with the flow. But this schedule may look simple and obvious, but this routine is extremely difficult. If I go to bed late at night it is impossible to get up for the practice next morning. Self-discipline involves careful consideration of all areas in my life. So let it begin.

Effective immediately

Everything in this world is illusion. Remove the name and the shape and nothing remains. In final analysis there is no 'you', no 'I', no thought and no world.

Awakening is nothing but a complete, thorough, a clear cut understanding of this fact. After this understanding, nothing is required. There is nothing to be afraid of because everything is nothing. Illusion is nothing.

When you see the illusion as an illusion you will stop being fooled by it. This is the true 'understanding'. However if you are not interested is this, if you are following what society tells you then your life is hard and unpleasant. Don't complain, what you make is what you get.

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