Wednesday, October 14, 2020

And yet, another one bites the dust

My girlfriend somehow found out my blog and she read it and she decided that I am not for her. She is ignoring me and our "friendship" is over. And that's fine, the another one bites the dust.

No really, I may sound harsh but I am not. I am just straightforward. I went back and re-read it what I wrote here about her and I did not find anything that may to offended her. So it is better like this. I may have lost sensibility but I don't care.

Often my friends who read this blog ask me how I can be so honest about my life. They want to know how I can write about personal things, divorce, dating, marriage, sex, spirituality, awakening, and meaning of life, over and over again. I say that is life, my life.

I don't hide things but be careful, don't believe everything you read on the internet. That included official news, articles, scientific and statistical reports... blog posts, especially blogs. People are writing all kinds of bullshit. My particular brand of bullshit is to write about daily life, yoga and awakening. In reality it is just a simple kill-the-time endeavor. I'm writing for entertainment only.

So what is blogging? It is pages of continuous stream-of-post writing, almost unedited, without stopping, as often as possible. I can write just about anything. My spirituality phase is over, the divorce phase finished, the dating phase faded away... nothing is important for me anymore. I write what I want and I am happy.

I face a great dilemma... why does life taste like chicken? I'm curious, did love and hate evolve independently or did they both inherit chicken-less from a common ancestor? According to this woman that I dated it looks like they are from the same source.

I am not saying, I know something. I know nothing. I don’t have any answer to give you. I write gibberish with bad grammar. Take it as that. But I must tell you, you are bound by your own concepts and beliefs.

There is no right or wrong, it is not important, really, by time, you will see that you were wrong just about everything.

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