Wednesday, October 28, 2020

I didn't buy anything this year

The end of October is slowly approaching. Nice, sunny day in Toronto, I feel optimistic that my love life will change. I'm working on it. I'm energized and motivated for more craziness in my life. Two yoga practices will be done today. I got up at 4:30 am, could not sleep.

I did my first practice at 7 am, it was still dark and the practice was nice. I was sweaty and strong. Around 9:30 I went to Serbian store on Bloor and bought some delicates - burek (meat pie) and sarma (meat cabbage rolls). I really like the new store especially because it is at walking distance from my home.

Last night I met my friends and got invited to Halloween party on Saturday. I will go and have a good time. I have to buy a mask for eyes to be like Zorro. ;)

Regarding buying new stuff... I have noticed I did not buy any peace of clothes in the last year. I'm going around in old jeans, old sweaters and t-shirts, old jackets. I drive 2008 mazda 3 and I live in 550 sq feet small but cozy condo. And that's me.

When you have an expensive car, nice clothes, a luxurious house and other status symbols, you get the impression that you are worth more and that you are above those who do not have it. You look at others, like me, in a cheap car and say to yourself: It's because I'm successful and I earn more. Zee is nobody and nothing, and I am rich!

Nice. You are convinced that when I see you surrounded by expensive stuff that I think you're cool, because you have such a fancy car! And that warms your soul and raises your self-confidence. However, I don't give a shit or such things.

This is not just about cars. Every time someone has something worse and less valuable than you, you will get the feeling of supremacy.

In the search for happiness, you slowly turn into an addict, who wants more and more. One of my ex girlfriends has twenty something pairs of shoes. One my friend have 50 pairs of jeans.

People buy new stuff, change cars, buy expensive clothes, expensive furniture, expensive perfumes just to emphasize their refined taste and sophistication. And since all this is very expensive, people who suffer from status symbols, often suffer from large debts.

In search of happiness, most people take out loans because for them it is the worst thing in the world going down to the level of those they consider inferior. And to prevent that from happening, they are willing to pay with the money they don't have. Maintaining that status costs a lot.

At one point, this source of joy and happiness suddenly dries up. Then they fall into a deep depression. At the same time, they blame the banks, the government, the hard life and the employer who unfairly deprives them of their salary for all their troubles.

The only person they will never blame are themselves. Well, they just wanted to be "like everyone else".

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