Friday, October 2, 2020

My blog will not become a 'Dating Diary'

I have to disappoint you but my blog will not become dating diary. Friday night I am at home. I got up today at 5 am and worked from 6 am until 2 pm. My daughter visited me and I made lunch. We watched Suites and she just left. I will not go anywhere tonight. I canceled date with a Canadian teacher and also I deleted Bumble application.

I don't want this online dating shit. I'm single for more than two months but I am not complaining about being alone and certainly I don't whine that nobody loves me. If I read Universe carefully it is obvious that it is not my dating time.

I have described the last two dates and believe me, they were worse than what I can put in words. So I've decided to stop this shitty business altogether. I swear I don't hate women over 45, no, I don't, I'm just a bit bitter than before, well, let say I'm just not interested in seeing them anymore.

On top of everything, I received a text message last night and an email in the morning from my narcissists ex girlfriend. She must be reading my blog and she offered some dating advise. I cut her short, and asked her is she still with her boyfriend. I told her to leave me alone and she replied, something like - wishing the same, although I have not contacted her at all. I really believe she is a sick woman.

Well, I have stopped all dating endeavors. Constantly seeking out relationships, finding them, and ultimately getting let down or letting someone else down was taxing me a lot, literally. Last week, simply put, was exhausting. Dating sucked the time, energy and money from my life.

Anyway, I am returning to my regular life. Yoga, meditation, reading spiritual stuff and main goal.. self-realization. The heating season started in my building and it is warm and cozy in the apartment. It is already 7:30 pm and I opened the first beer.. Rickard red a great beer. Cheers. 🍺

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