Saturday, October 31, 2020

November 2020 - Ashtanga Yoga Month

In the last couple attempts to do a serious yoga practice for a month I failed. I hope that will not be the case now. I'm eager to make it happen. 

I declare November as my ashtanga yoga month! I'm taking my last 3 vacation days for this year on November 4, 5 and 6. There is nothing for me to do next week. I will do yoga and go for a long walks.

I just finished the 12th yoga practice in October. Again I missed 4, the plan was 16 practices. Every month I'm short of my plan. I'm going to change it. In November 6 practices then Sunday, the rest day, and no practices on full and no moon days. Total 24 practices in November.

There is nothing new in my life. My daughter visited me and we had dinner together. She is going to move out from my ex and to rent an apartment but not in High Park area where I live. She has found two bedroom apartment for the same money as one bedroom at High Park and she wants to share it with her friend.

I was hoping that we will be close to each other but she surprised me with her decision. At first I was a bit disappointed but then I said it is okay, let she do as she wants. I will give her $500 each month to support her and make this living alone expenses a bit easier for her to handle.

Last week, I contacted my ex wife and I asked her if she wants to get together with me. Suddenly, I felt it is good idea to get together and start all over again a new life. I admit, I did not think too much about it. I just text her she could rent out her condo, I could give my condo to our daughter and we could rent one bedroom apartment for us.

After a day she sent me a large text message saying she wants to live alone and the idea to get back together is not realistic. She said that we are not changed in any way and after a month we will start arguing and everything would be just like before our divorce.

I did not want to say much, I just text her back with 'Okay, I'll not bother you again, good luck'. And that was it. My friends told me also that I'm making a huge mistake texting her and keeping contact with her. And they are right. So I deleted her phone number. I will not make any contact with her in future.

Last night I was on Halloween party. I do not celebrate it and I did not have any mask but my friends did. It was nice party, I came home just on time to switch the clock.

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