Monday, November 16, 2020

Home modernization project

I am back into regular sleeping routine. Sunday night I went to bed at 11:30 pm and woke up on Monday around 6 am. Immediately after waking up I called my father to wish him Happy Birthday. I wished him good health, he is 82 years old.

Last week was a crazy, party week. On Wednesday I meet my friends for BBQ at a friend's house. On Thursday I hosted the party and we stayed well after midnight. I was drunk so on Friday I was at home drinking water all day. But on Saturday, I met my friends again and we were drinking tequila and beer, dancing and laughing.

On Sunday, I started the home modernization project. There were several things I wanted to improve at my home. I started with ceiling lights. I went to Home Depot and bought a modern, bright, ceiling lights, a bit expensive $180 but it is okay. My friend came around 9 pm to help me and we removed old ventilator ceiling fan and installed the light. It looks great and it's worth every penny.

My next step was to get rid of one seat sofa and to replace it with high bar stool so I can finally have meals at proper place. I have a small extension in the kitchen like a bar for meals but I did not use it. I use to eat standing up or at computer desk.

And the last thing I wanted to do is to get rid of books that I have. Yes, you do hear me well. I have collection of about 400 books, mostly spiritual literature, standing on a large and tall book shelf besides the couch in the living room. I will leave only 5 or 6 books for myself, everything else I will donate to my condo's library including the book shelf itself.

There are couple of reasons I want to do this. I do not read those books anymore and my daughter will never read them too. Some of them are not interesting at all like Puskin, Dante, Khan or Buber, some are boring like Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, some of them are too much like Plato's works, some of them are too philosophical like Heidegger, Sartre, Wittgenstein and Nietzsche. I never really understood what Karl Jung was writing about and I have 8 books from him. I don't find any value in theoretical yoga books, as well as Osho's, J. Krishamurti or Ramana Maharshi writings...

Instead the book shelf, today I bought a classic 4 drawers dresser to keep some books, other documents as well as clothes. That's all. Above, on the wall I'm going to have a woman's picture. I had everything in my head how this should look and I did one task at a time.

I bought this peace from IKEA, it was $120, my friend helped me to assemble the parts and took us almost 3 hours to complete it. 

I want also to buy a large crystal vase to put in the corner besides the mirror to match the ceiling lights. I got rid of all plants from the apartment. By the end of this project with budget of $500 my apartment will be the same but again somehow different.

I received info from my condo, they are going to replace all Kitec pipes in the building including my apartment. That will cost me $4050 but it is required. I will use that opportunity to replace bathroom toilet. 

My next project will be to completely renovate bathroom but that will be a project for the next year. I have to pay off my debt first.

My financial situation is okay. I still have about $15,000 debt on line of credit and I think I will paid it off by the summer of next year. In December I have three salary payments and that will help me with Kitec project expense a lot. So all is good, looking forward to Christmas time.

I did 8 yoga practices so far (it was planned 10, oh well) and I am going to do next practice after I finish this post.

Nothing new in my love life. I am single without perspective to meet anyone in a considerable time to come. I heard my ex girlfriend went back to her ex boyfriend, just like I predicted, and they are traveling the country. Good for her, she gets exactly what she deserves.

That's all my friends, I started this post on Monday and updated it today on Friday... the song for this week is: Idi idi moja vilo (Go, go my angel) - Donna Ares


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