A friend of mine told me today that I have a very good life. I don't know how she got that conclusion, she doesn't know me well. She is my friend on facebook, so maybe she made the conclusion by looking at my private posts over there.

True, I'm a happy guy but that has nothing to do with the life I live. My life is neither good nor bad, it is what it is.

I struggle, I fight and I know very well that I'll not win. I'm just straightforward and I say what I think. Fortunately, I don't think too much about the world and other people. This is a main reason of my happiness.

Let's look facebook closely

At least, 50% of facebook's accounts are fake. I have around 80 friends there and I know all of them in person. They are my relatives, close or distant friends, my drinking buddies or just acquaintances. I don't accept friend's request if I don't know the person who sent it.

Even I know all my facebook friends, when I post something, not everyone is happy for me. Most of the likes and nice comments I get are fake. Happy posts receive much less likes and harts than sad posts, the ones with crying faces.

The most visited posts on my facebook are posts related to the death of my twin sister. I was not surprised, people like the pain more than happiness.

I post relatively a lot, my photos, news etc, but later on, I delete most of those posts. I don't want to keep the evil eyes on me. I know very well, there are people who just hate me for no apparent reason.

To be quite honest, I'm afraid and very careful in dealing with people. People are not what they seem like. They say something, think something else and do something else. I am fully aware that I'm just attracting jealousy into my life every time I look attractive on the posted photos. I don't care.

I'm not so concerned exposing myself online, what I have to lose? I'm not a wealthy guy. I have no money. I'm not fanatic in any way, I hate politics, I'm not religious guy... and nobody cares for my yoga stuff.

I do have a goal in life, that no one understands and that's a good thing. Understanding in this life is everything, especially understanding of who you really are. That understanding matters.

I'll continue in that direction, leading a simple, quiet life. Happiness is my choice. The word "forever" is overrated – no one is happy or unhappy forever. Knowing that I cannot please everyone I'm not attempting to please anyone.