I am in the process of removing my book shelf from the apartment and I am going through my books sorting out what needs to be thrown away, what books I will keep it, the books I am giving to my friends and the  books to be left to my condo's library. It is Wednesday, November 18, 5:50 am and I'm looking at my old writings I just found.

In my life I met three self-realized persons. I say "persons" because it is a matter of speech but they are not "persons". What I noticed about all of them is a kind of warm coldness in their interactions with others. They are all compassionate but if you look closely they are not really attached to the stories they hear.

But lets go slowly. I'm having a coffee, outside is dark and very cold, - 4 C, snow is on the ground. It is an ideal setting for a post about different paths of spiritual journey. My own journey started on January, 1, 2002.

On that day I, I went with my ex wife and some friends to the ZAM restaurant for a dinner, it was celebration of the New Year. When we were returning home I was driving and then just before our condo we saw enormous planet in front of our eyes. Maybe it was the moon, it was in waning phase but it was magnificent.

When we came home I could not sleep. I went on the net and randomly searched pages and I stumble upon Emerald Tablets of Thoth, The Atlantean.  I read it but I did not understand anything, but kind of light appear in left corner of my eye. It was there in front of me for quite some time.

It is then that I decided to become a saint. Next day I started reading about it and now after 19 years here I am. In these 19 years I had all kind of experiences, I completely lost my mind couple of times (well in 2010 I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder) but I will not about my experiences. They are interesting but they have no real value in the process of awakening.

As I said, in this period, I have met three saints. In March 2002 I bought a large LED TV and I got rid of my old TV and when I was doing that, there, outside, beside the condo's garbage bin, was my first spiritual teacher - Zen Master Jim Marshal. He was a caretaker of my condo, a superintendent.

I remember as it was yesterday, he was smoking, joking with some neighbors and I was coming caring the TV and I said ... no more CNN! He laughed and we started talking. We talked a lot during period of 10 years. He never revealed itself for what he is, but as time was passing and I was "improving" I saw he understands everything what I am passing through.

It is difficult for me to describe him. There was no "man" in him, no "posture" no strict rules just laughter and numerous stories about life. He never disagreed with me, he never gave me advice. Last time I saw him after my divorce and when I moved to High Park I never saw him again.

In September 2005, my friend from work was going to meet a saint from India, Maa Sarweshwari He asked me to join him. I did. When I met her for the first time, when she entered the room, it was like blanket has covered my mind. I was without thoughts.

I visited her with my ex wife after that and I was talking with her about various things. Well, she did not talk but she replied on my questions by writing in her pad. She gave me a lot of advises and even she gave me one dollar bill, which I still keep, for prosperity. She liked me a lot, my friend is in touch with her all these years and she regularly asking for me, how I am doing. I did not see her again.

In May 2006 was the Yoga Conference in Toronto. I started yoga and I practiced it at home since 2005 so big yoga names were coming and I decided to go for a class with Dharma Mittra  It was Siddha Sadhana class with just sun salutation flow for entire class. First time in my life I practiced yoga with a music and it was unbelievable.

The class was so difficult but the music, energy from the teacher and the energy in the room carried me forward to the end. I had the best shavasana ever, after the class I was in heaven. I decided to take two more classes with him.

It is 6:30 am now and I am going to do my 10th yoga practice. I am continuing my sainthood path. Enjoy your day.