Belgrade 🇷🇸 December 2021, I met my girlfriend

Being so anxious, curios and happy at the time I boarded the airplane to Belgrade, Serbia on Christmas Day 2021. Finally, after more than 3 months of intense texting I was about to meet her. We have exchanged many photos, I liked her but was that enough? 

The flight from Toronto to Belgrade via Amsterdam was uninteresting. On December 25, 2021 around noon, she waited for me at the Belgrade airport. We nervously kissed and proceeded towards her car. The most of the time she was talking, I was tired from the flight but I enjoyed listening and watching her. We went for a lunch, had a drink and we were laughing aloud...

I stayed at hotel Holiday Inn in Belgrade and I was planning to be there 2 weeks. After lunch she accompanied me to the hotel and I took the room. We agreed to see each other next day for a dinner.

When she left to her home I was too excited to go to bed so I called my friends and my godfather came to pick me up. We went out for a drinks and we ended up to his place where I slept. That was a long day, I went to sleep at 2 am, after almost 30 hours of no sleep.

Next day I met her and we had such a nice time. This is our first photo together. I was fascinated with her beauty, straightforwardness and easiness in communication, her style. I fall in love. 

After dinner we went for a walk in downtown of Belgrade. We were laughing and enjoying. She liked me too.

Next day I met with my family, my niece and nephew. I also went to Cacak to visit my father.

I returned to Belgrade for the New Year's Eve. I was with her and we went to Skadarlija. It was a wonderful night that I will never forget. 

We were going out almost every night and we had fun. 

I visited my father again for Orthodox Christmas, my family and friends came over to say farewell to me because I supposed to go to back to Toronto on January 9, 2022.

I did not go back to Toronto that day I was tested positive on Corona virus and I had to extend my stay for a week. I left the hotel and I took Airbnb apartment where I stayed.

On January 17, 2022 I returned to Toronto.