I read today's article from BBC News about yoga and the problem of conspiracy theories (as author phrased it). The article features Seane Corn, a famous yoga teacher, public speaker and social activist, and her disgusts with conspiracy theories... You can read it here: Does yoga have a conspiracy theory problem?

Only thing we really have in this world is our attention. And the world will do everything possible to keep, direct and play with our attention.

The spiritual teaching says that we have five senses of knowledge and they are very subtle. More subtle than senses is the mind, more subtle than the mind is the intellect, and subtler than all these is the vital breath or life force. And yet more subtle of the life force is the beingness - the "I AM" sense - the consciousness.

Be at tentative to "I AM" knowledge only, just be in your beingness, be conscious. That knowledge "I AM" has created the entire universe. Hold on to that. Nothing has to be done. Become one with that and your needs will be satisfied.

Whatever you're doing your attention should be there. Keep the consciousness separate, then you will not be involved in the world, you are only a witness.

The world as it stands now are moving to a different place with a new normal. This new normal is going to look very, very different, not normal, but a new normal (as the news media says). We will transition into a new normal, and this will be a normal even when a vaccine is developed.

What does a magician want you to do when he's doing a trick? He wants you to pay attention at the hand that's not doing the trick so you don't see the hand that's doing it. So, the same thing with the current world events. They just want human consciousness to go in a way they want.

Very soon, by 2030, the human beings are going to be completely dependent upon artificial intelligence in order to survive and in order to perform everyday activities. Even going outside and purchasing a meal you're going to need the whole thing controlled by AI to be able to move through that reality through the new world they're creating.

It's really going to be a reality that is totally controlled. Last year's March was a bit of a shock for people to find themselves all locked in their own houses having to deal with masks and social distancing. Right now they are hoping the vaccine will resolve the problem but that it's not going to happen. It's not going back to normal.

People think that this is just a temporary thing. No, it's not. Look around, a new action called protect our neighbors is going on everywhere. They want you to spy on your neighbors and report who is visiting them, do they wear a mask, making sure they follow social distancing. All the sleeping masses are the ones who are going to drag us into this new normal life.

The whole world is changing and it's not going to go back. The spiritual teaching will be gone forever and the words of truth will not be heard.

We're at a time in history where we find ourselves on the front line. A lot of people just don't realize - world war 3 has already started. It's a war that's being waged against our consciousness by the politicians, masquerading as government of the world.

The problem is that people don't realize this. It's happening right now, it is inside our social isolation, inside social media and the news corporations. Everything they're doing to us is to make us mentally sick and that will be the permanent last wave. The wave will be a constant state of fear and paranoia driven by a new normal society.