There are two paths in human life. One is the path of liberation, the second is the path of rebirth. It is so rare that one comes upon the path of liberation. The world does everything to cover the path of Knowledge.

The life is a game of madness. It was decided without my knowledge (and I accepted it) that I must keep on playing the game of win and lose, pleasure and pain while I experience life. The world is nothing but play of imagination. Objects are imaginary and enjoyment of them is also imaginary.

I'm a simple, straightforward guy. I have recognized the world to be quite separate from "me", as it is seen in a mirror. The mirror is "me", "I" give it support but I'm distinctly separate from it.

No happenings in the world is real. The world will never be useful to me, or to anyone else. The world is APPEARANCE. There is nothing true in "pictures".

Knowing this I've turned my attention to Self within. The awareness of "I am", the sense of existence, is a door to Self-Realization.

Yogis have in them a sense of pride of being yogis, excellent performers of various yoga postures. They are not able to lose their identification with physical body. They have a strange notions of sin in eating and drinking. I don't follow such path! I use yoga practice to break ties with the body.

Anxiety accompanies desire. As long as mind is full of desire, anxiety will be there. Once the sense of "mine" is conceived, desire arises and I immediately become preoccupied with the objects. The feeling of "mine" is itself a bondage.

Everyone build the houses on the wind. I also build my castle in the air. In this world everything is taking place because of the "word". My attention is focused on words and names. I want to reverse this and do things differently from the rest of general population.

The base of my life is my spiritual practice - DESIRELESSNESS. The state of Self-Realization comes when the sense of "I" ends. I'll know when I reach it, there should be actual feeling - experiencing that entire universe is withing me, and that ironically happens when there is no "me".

In order to make illusion of "I-sense" disappear, I'm working on forgetting all things from the past. What is in the past is invited by my interest and it follows me, otherwise it is gone. Illusion is not in the background, nor it is in the front, in the future, but it is only in present moment.

Illusion is strange. What I think about, this is what I see around. So I don't bother about thinking. I am always aware, peaceful and calm with a strong sense of purpose of my life. I have a clear goal of attaining Self-Realization and I have a strong conviction that I'm on the right path and that my destiny is directing, leading and guiding me to the right direction.


Dissolution of "I" is the entrance to Reality.

I have a tremendous urge to free myself form this world. So discipline comes next. Discipline is being aware, remaining in the state of awareness prior to thoughts. I have to free myself from idea of "me". If I accomplish this I am truly a brave man.

It is not that "I" should become Reality or that "I" should gain Reality, the "I" should go away and what is left is Reality. The "I" itself is illusory, imagined thing. It persists by demands ad it demands more and more sensory enjoyments, it is very greedy and I have to give it up.

"I" can never gain Self-Realization. It simply must go, by understanding, by investigation and constant awareness. Daily meditation with steadfast concentration on Presence, being in the state before thoughts is the key to success. Holding attention of awareness beyond consciousness.

It is a state where there is no demands or initiatives for "making something better". It is illusion that makes me crave for actions, initiatives, projects. The so called "creativity" is the ego. I've shifted my awareness further and further from the world's madness.